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what does it mean when she just wants to be single for a while?


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This happened a couple days ago, we got into a discussion that ended up in me breaking up with her, the next day after she told me that she wanted some space for awhile. My ex told me that she wanted to be single for awhile and after a heated argument I insisted on keeping close contact with her I even invited her to come over tonight (like friends w/benefits or so) and she seem to want to do it. But I had some time to think and I have feeling that I pushed her into it and made a mistake. But also, I think that cutting all contact is not a smart move, so maybe we could keep on a friends not regular basis contact, but still anything I can think of doesn't makes me feel any less secure that she probably wants to be single for good.


And something else: this might be a joke for many but, we are young, Im 20 and she is 18, and I know many people can claim that we are too young to even consider that are relationship is actually real or going somewhere, but can anybody deny me that dating someone for over 2 and a half years and getting to know her so intimately is something that happens on your daily basis?


She never really had very solid experience in dating, Im her second boyfriend and long lasting relationship, plus her 4th date .I can only consider that her lack of dating experience made her doubt about our relationship. Tho she said to me she doesn't want to date guys she silently agreed that she might consider in fooling around, of course that would be the only difference from now and before. She said that in the last two weeks that past (as I agreed) she felt like we weren't in a relationship, we had barely any communication and she liked those moments of feeling single which ended with a break up. And after it was when she made up her mind of wanting to be single for awhile. She kept saying that waiting for her is unfair for me as in maybe she means that she means that this is over, but she also told me that she still considers that it may bring her back to me, but it sounds like she was trying to be nice without actually meaning it.


I would like to hear if it isnt any bother to you to know your opinions, advice thoughts... guys, ladies? I would really like to know if giving her time means that she actually is confused, or that she trying to break up for good in a slow less hurtful manner?


Thank you

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You said that you guys have been dating for 2.5 years...that means you started when she was 15 or 16. It may very well be that she simply wants to try living life without being in a relationship, especially since she is now an adult.


I would recommend respecting her wishes, and giving her whatever space she wants. Go NIC...let her do the contacting, and when she does, keep it light-hearted and non-chalant. She may find that being single isn't all it's cracked up to be, or she may not. The point is that she has to find out what she wants to do in her own time and in her own way, without any pressure.

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It feels like you where there watching us, I know this might not be your intention but it gives me a hope that it isn't like what I thought.

Its true we started young and in a dependent stage, and we still are just less. I remember the times when she said that she thought of herself as being more mature and wanting to do things like parties drinks etc. things that once she told me that she would never wanted to do, and at those moments I remember being reluctant, discouraging about it. It was tho because the last serious relationship I had, a party and a few drinks made my ex-girlfriend from 4 years ago to cheat on me, so the experience told me that things like that are unpredictable and terrifying, but I agreed that I couldn't deny her choices, but unfortunately she decided to not do it, and I can only blame me for that. I can see this might have been a factor towards what just happened between us. Tho it stills disheartens me that this is happening, Thank you, its an insight that may apply to me.


I still appreciate to hear more opinions any thoughts from everybody... Thank you

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