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You are not alone! (Post about college)

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Hey everyone out in Ena world!

I got the idea this morning to start a thread that people who are off to college for the first time can post their feelings, concerns, questions, etc and share their experience with other first time college students. I wanted to start this post because I know everyone says "your not alone everyone goes through this", but this thread will prove that and give people something to look forward to reading to.


I guess I'll start


This isn't my first year in college. I stayed at home for my first year and attended a community college while I decided what exactly I wanted to go to school for. Now I am half way accross the country living in an apartment and starting my animal science/pre vet bachelors degree on Sept. 6th. My biggest problem adjusting is not having anything to do until school starts. Sure I could go explore the city, but I have no one to do that with and even though I feel safe in this part of town I am not one to go out and just explore by myself.


Today I got a job that I possibly start tomorrow morning, working at a horse barn. I love horses and all farm animals really so I am so excited. I know this is a way for me to meet people before school starts and these people also love horses.


I am not really nervous about starting classes. I walked the campus with my mom before she left and we figured out where my classes are and where in the buildings. What I am nervous about is having to take a public bus from the apartments to school. Silly I know, I have taken a school bus before but a public bus is different and I have only ridden one one other time and my mom was the leader that day haha.


My room-mate seems great. She is a fourth year student and seems to be very helpful and willing to help me adjust.


I miss my home state and my sisters, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cat, dogs, and alpacas. I get over whelmed when I think that I am going to be spending at least the next three years here (minus vacations) and then after that I'm going to start my career. But then I remember that I have to take a step back and take it day by day.


So lets here some stories! You don't have to be a first year college student, but lets share so people know for certain that they are not alone.

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I will be a third year student in the fall. First off, I wanted to say Gimpyrks, the public bus is nothing to worry about. Just make sure you pick up a copy of the bus schedule and you should be fine. The drivers in my college town are super nice so if your not sure if you are on the right bus or where to get off, you can always just ask the driver, if you feel comfortable doing that.


So...my concern is that I want to make friends. There are a lot of people from my high school at my college but we never really hung out with the same crowds. Sometimes people who recognize me will try to talk to me but I usually don't know what to say and I think I come off as boring or not interested. I am kind of a homebody book reading, tv watching person and they are lets go to a party people. I mean, I like to have fun but...I don't know.


I think my classes and work will go fine. I just don't want to spend another year feeling lonely. Hopefully I will make more progress in the friend-making/social life having department this year :smile: .

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I remember being very nervous and a bit sad / nostalgic when going through the transition you're in. I did happen to know my roommates beforehand, and was only a couple hours from my parents' house. But, it turned out to be a lot of fun. The good thing about college is, just as your title suggests, you aren't alone -- most people going to school are or have recently been in your same shoes.


I would really recommend you get involved in school programs and extracurricular projects. Whether it's a club related to your major, or a theater club, or ballroom dance club. I made some great friends that way -- far better friends than I would have met in the traditional party scene.


Also, check if your school offers free tutoring. Tutoring isn't just for dummies -- sometimes really smart people are tutored. I was a tutor, and one of my students had the highest grade in his class. Tutoring is especially helpful for foreign languages, as you get one-on-one time typically with someone who speaks the language natively. Often, tutors of one subject would be tutored in another. And of course, this is another great way to meet people.


As for the buses, I would recommend taking a student route if they have one. The city I went to school in had a pretty huge difference between the two buses. Being full of students feels more safe, and I often ran into people I knew after I had been there a while.


Good luck with everything!

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I'm a 4th year student. I have one more year to go and I'm done.


I was very involved academically but not socially. I know a lot of people here but I don't consider any to be "life long" friends. As a result, I don't even see myself going through the graduation ceremony. I plan on picking up my diploma early and getting out of here. I basically came for the education, got it, and left. Never dated anyone here, etc.


Definitely get involved with clubs and stuff if you want to have friends. Don't spend all your time in the library like I did.


I by no means regret what I've done but I do wonder how college would be different if I had approached it in a different way.

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Great tips guys thanks for sharing!


I only have to take one public bus and then the other buses I have to take are campus buses so they only stay on campus, which is REALLY nice! I am thinking about asking my roommate if she wouldn't mind taking the public bus to and from the campus with me today.


Also to go along with the idea of joining clubs, if you don't feel comfortable doing that, but you are settled into your college routine, I'd suggest getting a part time job. I have met some of my closest friends at work, and it'll help you manage your time, meet new people, possibly help you work on your socialization skills, and make some extra money! I specifically chose to work at the horse barn because I love the barn atmosphere and when ever I am feeling down I know just being with the horses will cheer me up


So I'm going to share a little about last night:

I was sitting at my desk getting bored, and then it hit me..I kind of miss home. I have noticed a pattern that I miss home generally at night time, because that is when the family would be together watching TV or just hanging out. I could feel myself on the brink of tears but I tried to keep my mind occupied. I think my room mate must have been reading my mind because she came in and asked if I wanted to go with her on a Target run. I said sure and we went grocery shopping and it really took my mind off my homesickness. While shopping my Grandmother called checking up on me and I told her I was out and about with my room mate so the convorsation was short, I will call her tonight i think.

After shopping we went to a friend's apartment of my room mate's to check on his cat, where we watched some TV and didn't get home until ten, and that is when I went to bed. I also looked at my calendar today and notice tomorrow is September and before I know it I'll be home on Christmas break! Which really put me in a good mood! One day at a time.

Classes start in a week and I am SO EXCITED!!

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Reading this makes me feel so nostalgic! I MISS college a lot! It was such a great experience for me and I miss all of my friends from college dearly-- I wish I didn't live like 6 states away! Enjoy every single minute of it. I encourage you to be as social as possible (of course study, but have fun too!) and make a lot of friends, they will be like your extended family while you're far from yours. I relate to you because I went to school far from home as well, and a lot of the local kids would bring me to their homes for long weekends, dinners, etc. It was really great to have a good social support group, I would not have lasted without that!


It's great that you have a roommate that already has a social circle and hopefully you'll just transition right in, and it will be wonderful! Good luck, you'll do fine!!

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