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My ex boyfriend and I were together for a year and we broke up 2 weeks ago. So I made a fake account on a site and was talking to him I was pretending to be someone else however we talked and I asked about his ex(me) and everything he said was a LIE..so i told him i was going to message the ex girlfriend he said fine but he know the ex was going to send angry messages..(BUT I HAVEN'T SENT ANY MESSAGES TO HIM)..so i pretended to email lol..and i pretended like the ex girl replied and said things about him like how he was a liar and whatever..he lied about where we met and everything and he was saying how all we did was argued which was true but every relationship have arguments. So I was thinking should the REAL me send him a text and tell him to stop having girl's message me even though I'm the girl but he is so stupid he don't know LOL I need something to say to get back at him..the last thing i said to him last week was "he won't find a gf w/ his little penis" he didn't reply after that.



Him and I haven't talked in a week. He blocked me on facebook but yet he is friends with his other ex girlfriend from 2007 that he met online..but he once told me he never befriend his exes and when our relationship ended i told him we can be friends and he was so mean and said no he dont want to be friends.


I really miss him and want to know what should i do? i know there's no chance of us getting back together;(


we broke up cause he said the feelings were no longer there

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How old are you???? That has to be one of the more immature things i've seen. I mean what do you hope to accomplish by this? I think the best thing you can do is work on yourself and just let things go between you for now. Keeping up any contact will end up backfiring and hurting you more.

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Not going to lie I as well had a difficult time reading this without judging you.. however I will try to respond without it. You said a lot of hurtful things and kinda went psycho what you need to do is step back reevaluate what you said/did and if you want any hope of salvaging this relationship you should start by figuring out what went wrong that made it fizzle out in the first place. You say hes not feeling it anymore, well what made him not feel it anymore? lack of romance? communication? another girl? If its another girl move on, if its something that can be worked on take a few weeks figure out what needs to be done and take strides in that direction... but I will say this (and im not judging you) you need to work on yourself, anybody with any relationship experience on here will tell you the key to moving on or reconciliation is WITHIN. Be the person you would idolize, be your own superhero... that's far more attractive to everyone, including yourself than anything else you can do.

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He really didn't have a reason why he wasn't feeling our relationship..he said we argued a lot however i was willing to change and constantly apologized for the hurtful things i said to him..i tried to stay together and he said no because he just don't see it being like it once was before..he is NOT a forgiving person so yeah now is probably not the right time to contact him. and also he said he never want to be friends again..im just really depressed over this. i talked to him everyday about everything and to see he is moving on and not even wanting to be friends is hurtful...


SO jjcool- are you saying i should wait for awhile and message him? or something?

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It's going to hurt. Probably for quite a long time but contacting him, whether being yourself or this fake girl you've made up (which I hate to tell you, he probably figured out all on his own that it was you). It's not easy to let go of people we love and care about but sometimes, being with them isn't as important as making sure that you are okay. Honestly, no one NEEDS someone else to be happy or fufill their lives but yes, most of us want that. You need to move on and learn how to be happy without him, maybe without anyone for a while. Someone once told me, the only way to be happy in a relationship, is to know how to be happy single. I've taken that with me for years and learned that its the truth. Stop focusing on him so much, start focusing on you and the other ways you can be happy that don't include him.



And seriously, delete that profile thing you were messaging him on. It really is completely unnecessary and since it apparently satisfied your need for making it (i.e. figuring out if he moved on or not..) there is no real reason to keep it. It just makes you look desperate, needy and a bit crazy.

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NONE of you are understanding the point. The only way I was able to figure out if he moved on or not was to pretend to be someone else..however I'm not gonna message him atleast not now..i just really miss him


Sorry jazzy, but your actions were very immature. If that was truly the ONLY way to figure out if he had moved, then you should have taken the hint and left him alone.


I think it's time you let this one go. Don't wait a while and message him, don't look at his profile ... Just let it go. This one is very much over.

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Wether he has moved on or not should not be of relevence to you.


It's about how quickly and successfully you move on right?


By playing detective you are holding back your healing and he will move on quicker knowing his ex is a stalker and he's better off without her.

Is this what you want?


When we're hurt we do stupid things and we honestly think they're brilliant and calculating.

Thruth is they're not.

If you so much as email him saying sone random chick contacted him about you the he'll put two and two together after looking into it and know what's been going on.


My advice to you is this:



Quit what you are doing now.

Quit while you are getting away with what you have done.

If you continiue in your actions then you will lose.


My assumption of you I that you seem to care about break up power,

I'm not faulting you for that as I know how it can feel sometimes to want to "win" (for want of a better word).

You'll lose if you carry on stalking and deception.



In short....

Girl! Quit actin crazy!

This boy needs kickin to the keeerb!

Don't be all up in his shizzznit checkin him out like some crazy ass ho'


find your self another man and kiss his ass good bye!


That's my young person talk...

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SO jjcool- are you saying i should wait for awhile and message him? or something?


I'm saying that in time you're gonna realize that the need to message him and talk to him will go away. You should do NOTHING unless the words "I want to talk about us", "I want to get back together", "I want to try to make this work again" etc come out of his mouth. When/if that happens then you can start to work on the things that went sour in the relationship and work towards the future, for now you have no choice but to let go and see if maybe down the line he wants to try again. Most likely by that time youll have found someone new or realized it was better for the both of you not to be together. If I had stayed with my ex when she broke up with me 6 years ago I wouldn't of met all the lovely women I know today... So I'm happy it happened....

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