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Falling asleep at "perfect" times


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My fiancee has told me she has "narcolepsy" as a joke and also as a way of getting away with not having to talk to me, I've never really seen it as a problem in that if we were fighting and she said she fell asleep, I just took it as she needed space and she got back to me so no big deal. Tonight its been years since shes done something like that, I just received a text a few mins earlier from when i told her I loved her. a few hours later she responded with "I fell out not andres". Im not even sure what that means, and i said ok narcolepsy i got it. im really worried for our relationship. we had a three hour talk yesterday where everything seemed to be patched over... today shes neglecting to tell me she loves me, which ive done to her in the recent past. Is this her way of getting back at me? I know I was wrong for doing it to her. Should I just end this?

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She knows she wont hurt my feelings and this past weekend shes been on and on about how she has turned into this new person who has matured sooo much. shes always told me she loves me more than anything but where do i draw the line with her nonsense, she has lied to me so much in the the past. Not sure if im being jealous but some guy wrote on her facebook today about how he loves her, she didnt respond but i said something to him... and she ended up deleting the post... the other day she cursed in her facebook which to mee is a no no i mean my little brothers and family read that, she wrote about how she doesnt give a *** about anyone except her self then deleted it and lied to me and her mom about it, she wont admit it but i saw it. i feel like shes trying to keep me on a string because i did it to her, honestly im leaning to her being immature, but her immaturity is about to cause the end of us, she doesnt think ill do it, i know it, and shes feeding off of it

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To be honest, I think you are looking for reasons to end it. She didn't respond to a txt, she swore on her fb... these sound more like your immaturity than hers.


The only thing that is off is the guy on her fb, and even then she wasn't hiding it.



I feel like shes trying to keep me on a string because i did it to her,

If you've been messing her around, then you set the tone for your relationship.

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For what it's worth, narcolepsy is stressed induced. She could have a mild form that comes on as overpowering exhaustion when she's feeling stressed. So I wouldn't dismiss this as being a straight up lie or attempt to avoid confrontation.


However, I can understand why it would be extremely frustrating. If she can't manage to communicate with you in person can you work something else out? Maybe write letters?

Other posters have said that it seems like you are already over this relationship and looking for an out. But would you be writing to us if that were true?


I don't know. Yeah, she may be lying about this. But if you look at any videos of narcoleptic animals, the handlers put them into the narcoleptic state by stressing them out or scaring them. Something to think about.

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Thanks for all the responses guys, tbh I stayed up all night on this. I went into her facebook because she gave me her password a long time ago and I gave her mine, just to show we arent hiding anything. I found that she had had made a sexual post on his wall flirting. This is really unlike her and I took it more so as she was upset with me because of the problems we've been having. Anyways I understand she was tired and maybe fell asleep, but to ignore it after she woke up is a little off. Even at that she said it when she finally woke up in the morning so I was cool with it.


I really don't want the relationship to end but I've really listened to what she has had to say, but I find myself repeating my self many times through our talks in order for her to grasp my feelings. So catfeeder I'm honestly not trying to fight with her I just want to know where we stand in the confusion. Mauxly I take what you say into consideration because I do know she is stressed, because of her job, school and other things. As of now we are going to keep together and I'm happy about that, I'ts just a few things like these that make me wonder, is the relationship so rocky that one of us isnt feeling it anymore. If i honestly didn't want to be with her, I wouldn't be seeking advice about staying together as Mauxly noted.

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