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Falling for someone (again) not going as planned


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So, about two months ago I got back in touch with a girl who funny enough used to bully me in highschool. We arranged to meet up, got talking and had a scary ammount in common. We began to grow feelings for eachother and things adventually progressed. We slept togeather about two weeks into knowing eachother and I'm sure I've fallen in love with her. The issue being.. she has a boyfriend in Calgary (were in BC) that she has been planning on moving in with for 4 years, and shes moving this month. I feel terrible for having knowingly stepped on another mans shoes. I told her I love today, and she said that she loved me too.. it felt great! Everything is very blissfull when I'm around her, its like talking to a slight variant of myself.. which is strange but nice. When im not around her however, I can't get my mind off the fact that shes moving, how much its going to hurt and why shes sticking with her "jerk of a boyfriend". Once again, Im having troubles sleeping.. and at this momment I'm trying to get drunk to forget about all this. Feeling this way toward her is my choice, I know. Being upset about her moving is my choice as well, I know. But its been a while since I've felt this way about anyone. Part of me says withdrawl, put the emotional armour back on and keep on keeping on. Another part says go for the gold, win her heart and see what happens... I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this.. but I feel stuck, I need to talk about it and any outside advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Valid points, I shall elaborate. When she was bullying me in highschool, I too was a bully! Who am I to point the finger? highschool is... highschool.


Her boyfriend and her were "on a break" so he could sleep with other people in her absence, he initiated it. Doesnt stop me from feeling bad!


Whats to love? We share the same outlook for the future, we feel the same things at the same time, honestly.. its the best sex I've ever had in my life (sorry if thats too personal for any readers!) all in all, I feel that we are one in the same.. and it feels great.

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