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Ex Sex


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Hey everyone,


saw the ex last night, he was very troubled and exhausted with alot of things happening at work. we talked for a good 3hours when i offered him a hug as i was about to leave. he said yes and i hugged him then he wrapped me up in his arms and we held each other for a long time. he said he felt bad but he wanted me to stay and i said i wanted too.

so i wasnt sure where i was sleeping and tbh i didnt think this far ahead this was all a big shock to me. i laid next to him on his bed and it was good then he moved closer and wrapped his arms around me then it became pretty physical, we kissed alot and it was amazing, we just fell asleep in each other's arms. in the morning he went to the gym and returned an hour later and dove into bed and snuggled upto me and it was like that until i left a few hours later.


when i went to leave he was sleepy and he didnt really say anything. and now although it was great i am feeling remorse that i dont want this to be ex sex. god i was so stupid.


need advice. (and yes i know it was a weak moment for me!)

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