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Situation that might cause a breakup


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this is a situation me and my boyfriend are going through: we've been together off and on since march 2010. i got pregnant by another guy while we were broken up and just had the baby. i'm in the navy and i don't think it's for me. i live in virginia with my boyfriend and i would like to get out on a hardship discharge, due to having my son. i served 2 years in the navy and i'm not entitled to the G.I. bill, unless i stay in for one more year. i wanna move back to illinois to go to school using the grant offered from illinois for military since i will not be able to use the G.I. bill. but my boyfriend would rather me stay in for one more year to get the G.I. bill. the problem with that is, if i don't get out now, i won't be able to get out for another 4 years. he doesn't want to live in illinois at all. but he's been by my side the whole time.


any suggestions, referrals, or guidance in this situation?

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