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Ingrown hair?

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This is super embarrassing for me for some reason. I've never had any issues in this area before.


Thursday, I did a quite shave "down there" before a gynological appointment. The next day, I was showering to go on a date and while washing there, I felt a quick pain. Just sore to the touch but I found a bump that was under the skin. It hurts so bad now, even just my underwear and jeans rubbing against it during the day irritates it. I know it isn't herpes because I have been checked and haven't been sexually active with anyone since then. I explained it to my friends and they said it sounds like a pimple or ingrown hair but its worrying me that its painful when something touches it. Plus, its grossing me out.


Has anyone else had this issue or problem? If so, how did you remedy the problem?


Thank you in advanced!!! =)

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Yep, ingrown hair. Sometimes they go away on their own, or they can get a little infected and build up a puss pocket. Just like a zit, it will become really inflamed and need to be drained. At that time, make sure you remove the hair that is causing the follicle to get infected where it resolves the problem right away.

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