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why she is doing this posting on FB?

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She broked up with me about 2 months ago, she decided that, She then told me she was seen someone else and about a month ago that she is with him as his girlfriend.She acted selfish she didnt love me long ago but keep with me waiting for something better i thing.

What puzzle me now is that on FB she puts like on others peoples coments, things like: you're dating my ex? excelent, im eating a sandwich do you want the leftover too?

Or im single but loneny never? you ask for time off? im not a clock, if you comeback take your ticket and go back to the endo of the line.

I know that i read too much on this, perhaps only shows suport for her friends, its just that she dont put much more than that, is she tryng to imply that i left her? she is tryieng to show that she is over me? Its none of my bussines isnt? i should care cause we are over right?

Perhaps she miss me?

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You will be torturing yourself as long as you continue looking at her posts. It will hurt to quit looking at them too, and is very hard for some people. You must quit looking at them and begin your own healing.
Agreed. If she is trying to hurt you she is succeeding only because you see them.
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Thank you all for your answers, you're right. I saw yesterday that on thursday she put a like on her best friends page on a song called Immortality, of Celine Dion, that song about leaving someone you love to comply with your goals, and that made me wonder, perhaps she broke up with me to find peace, and still has felings for me. Perhaps she loved me after all. Its so hard, i love her so much yet i can fix this.

Watever the case, she made herself clear about her wishes, i have to comply. I will quit paying attention on her post on friends pages, I blocked her long ago, but neverteless her post on my friends walls still apear, i will ignore them.

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Today it happened, I tried to look at her public profile on FB, she desappeared, she block me, I assume she has blocked my email addreses too, After 2 months NC, she doesnt miss me a bit. I do, but have to accept it.

My love for her its the same, I feel so bad that she doesnt miss me at all. Ill have to see her on dreams from now on, she would never come back.

Hope god give me strenght to accept it

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