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Me and my ex dated for 2yrs.. we had a 2month break around the yr mark.. my ex is like me a free spirit.. we got back together it was better then ever, we truly love eachother, never any abuse, we both grew and really made eachother better.. me and my ex are 2 peas in a pod.. i swear she was a girl version of me..


there is a 7yr age diff between us.. she is 23 now.. and i could always tell she was restless a combo of being a free spirit and being 23 and just learning and growing..


we were both extremly attracted to eachother, she is a very sexy girl, guys are always all over her, but most just try to use her for sex..


I sit here a week later, having mixed feelings. i know its the right thing to let her go and live her life and if she was mine she will be back.. i dont wanna make her stick around and resent me..


what makes me really sad.. is she was perfect for me.. and i could really build a life and family with her.. in the 15yrs ive been dating. prob been out with 250-300 girls.. dated a good 20-30 girls and none have come too all what my ex was and was to me..


i know its easy to put them on padestal now.. but im looking back at past rel, and none were as complete as mine and hers..


but she needs to grow and relize what we had, and i cant hold her back from that, it would be selfish..


last week i explained to her why she was important to me, and told her bye.. funny thing is she didnt say bye, there was silence and i hanged up.. i havent contaced her since or she hasnt me..


its been hard, but i need to let her live.. i guess im just scared i will lose her forever.. she will find someone else and move on.. her pride is very strong. even if she wasnt happy in yrs, scared she would stay away just because of pride..


love is such a powerfull force.. but when it gets taking away.. its the most painfull thing ive ever felt..

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