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So after some months of my ex girlfriend acting like a 14 year old with her words and actions she finally has the nerve to text me. "hey XXX. We can have a mature relationship you know". I mean no duh we could but we didn't and don't so why even bother bothering me. I tried to talk to her about things and she never had time only when you ignore them they start bugging you?? I mean she left out of here in such a hurry and forgot so many things then text me for like 4 months after to randomly collect her * * * * and I always was respectful and gave her what she needed. It just seems she just finds more * * * * that she wants and I'm just sick of it so I have ignored her and she keep calling and texting is not responding the best way to handle this maturely ?

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Wait... what? I dont understand what you are asking for?


You didnt put much info, so I will guess.


Is she testing you? Like throwing temper tantrums, or acting like a brat? Women do this to get a rise out of you. Usually its from low self esteem, or because they are immature, or its a behavior that is learned from years of getting attention.

You fail her "tests", then she will keep it up. And some, especially immature ones, love it.


This is a special breed of women that isnt easy to handle. I wouldnt go through the trouble unless you are ready to do homework on it.

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She could still be wanting you back , thats the reason she keeps "accidently" leaving stuff and forgetting stuff. She knows thats the only way she gets to see you.....I was like this whenever me and my ex broke up and I was moving out of his house....It hurt so bad and theres was so much to take with me ... Him and I were both civil with eachother, but I could tell he had moved on...and I knew I needed to too so I eventually came back and got it all and we havn't seen or heard from eachother since...Other than the random emails I continued to send to him which he finally replied to me he is married, has a kid on the way and does not want anything to do with me.....



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Sorry if it wasn't clear we had a 4 year relationship. it ended in March I was destroyed still putting back together the pieces of my life but I'm in a much better place. We never talked about anything she just up and left moved out over one weekend took all her stuff and rode out. I tried to get some sort of explanation but now I don't even care anymore I just want her to respect my space. Last time we talked it was about some other stupid little thing and I don't feel like being jacked around by this women I still have feelings for. She obviously said something about maturity to get a rise out of me and it worked because it pissed me off. Is it worth writing a respectful yet mature response about how I feel about her contacting me or should I just continue to ignore ? I would be interested in talking to her if her true motive was to find out our feelings but not if its just some bull * * * * who knows why is everything so * * * * ing confusing after you break up I used to know this women like a book.

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