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Cheated on.. share your experience


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You been cheated on, you went thru the pain an suffering and all other feelings that accompanied it. please share your experience. tell us how you felt, give insight to others and show them the pain they may cause to someone they love. Lets all together be as the beacon light for lost boats in the ocean. Lets help someone not to Cheat.

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It is devastating! I cried every day for a year, and it still hits me at times...


The worst thing was that the person he cheated on me with was not attractive or bright (his description, not mine) which really made me feel so much worse for some reason...


Eventually I realized that it was mostly not about me, but about my ex's state of mind.


I have not yet dated, but hopefully I will be able to trust again...


On the other hand, it has helped me to grow - and to get out of a marriage that was degrading and emotionally abusive... and so for that I am thankful

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When I was single, I was cheated on and I cannot convey enough in words how emotionally damaged I was. My self-esteem suffered a huge body blow. I thought I must be very unattractive for my boyfriend to want to see someone else. I thought I must be boring and uninteresting for him to look elsewhere.


Looking back, I realize I blamed myself too much and him, not enough!!

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