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How do you deal with a dog that's TOO affectionate?


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I've recently taken in a dog called Bailey. I don't know what breed of dog she is, nobody seems to, and her age is also unknown. The vet placed her between 3-5 years old, but couldn't figure out her breed. However, she's a big dog and was rescued from a dog fighting ring.


She's not aggressive, and surely not afraid of humans - I have the exact opposite problem. The poor thing is SO desperate for love and affection that she's constantly jumping on me and trying to cuddle up to me. You literally can't walk 2 feet without having Bailey attack you with love. From the moment you walk into the door until you fall asleep at night, she's too excited and can't sit still for more than a minute...she needs to be pet, hugged, cuddled, every second and if she's not getting that she goes nuts.


It's only a problem because A) sometimes it does get a bit annoying, and B) she's a big dog, with big claws. She doesn't realize her size and she'd never hurt a fly, but my arms and legs are covered in bloody scratches and welts from her. Another thing is, sometimes she bites - only play bites, when she gets overexcited, but her teeth were sharpened by her previous owner into fangs (I assume to fight better). So when she play bites, it effin hurts!


she really is the sweetest, most kind natured dog I've met and she's never so much as growled at my Maltese, they get along famously. I feel horrible because I'm sure this constant need for attention and love stems from her being abused, so I always give in and cuddle her/pet her, but at some point it really does need to be toned down a notch! I just don't know how to do that? Any advice??

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When you realize you are talking about an animal not a human being you your self will figure out how to deal with it.

She doesn't realize her size and she'd never hurt a fly

put it in front of the mirror and let it look at it self and realize how big it is,, maybe it will start going to the gym or something...

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I know she's not a human being, and she's not treated as one - she doesn't sleep in my bed, she doesn't eat people food, etc. She's a big dog, I just don't think she knows that and she tries to jump on me the way my tiny dog does. I just need to know how to train her to stop doing these things and am wondering if it's because of her being abused.

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You need to take her to an obedience class.... teaching a dog to sit and stay and heel and lie down helps them understand that you want them to be calm. Then whenever she goes overboard, just ask her to sit or lie down, and she'll be happy to oblige. Dogs are pack animals and want to please theie leader, so if you show her how you want her to behave with obediance training, she will act a lot calmer.

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I agree with taking her to an obedience class. It's more of a help to the owner than to the dog. It helps you feel confident that the work you are doing is on track.

Another tip I'd like to add...

When she jumps up on you DO NOT PET HER! This teaches her that jumping gets her affection and she will jump more.

Don't pet her until she calms down.

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Maybe Bailey has a bit of separation anxiety, it can be quite common. Is she a nervous dog too?


Whatever you do (obedience training etc.) just be super patient, It can take awhile to undo things. My dog is 2 and has bad habits that I encouraged (not realizing what I was doing was wrong eg: patting him when he jumped up to say hello etc.) and I am currently trying to undo the bad behavior. It is taking a long time and requires lots and lots of treats!

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Off topic


The way that some people want kids really badly...I have the desire for a dog. I could just imagine the days of tossing the frisbee with my canine friend. Aahhh...


Back on topic. You don't need classes. Just read a few books and watch some youtube videos and try a go training the dog yourslelf. If it doesn't take then signing up for a few classes definitely won't hurt.

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