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am i wrong


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I met this guy in april. It was a drunk thing and i ended up sleeping with him right away. What i thought was a one night thing, turned into a two night thing. And so on. The thing with this guy was, he wasn't simply a hook-up, well he was but at the same time he wasnt. This guy was really sweet and told me he loved me. We kept in touch all summer and it was going good. So I came back after the summer was over, and i hung out with him the first night i was back. It was great. The feeling i get when I'm with him, is unexplainable. I feel content and excited and proud and blissful all at once. I don't want anyone else.

I actually have a hard time being faithful. I just havent found anyone worth being faithful to. Everyone had given me reason, or hasnt given me reason enough to really put in the time and the work. Until i met this guy...

I have met someone that I want to be completely faithful to and I don't even want to go out anymore. This may not seem like much, but coming from a gemini it means alot. The thing is we're both geminis.

So i've been trying to get in touch with him for a while now, a few days. And he's ignoring me. And i feel like crap.

i have no idea what to do. I haven't fallen for someone in a while and i'm really confused and lost. How can someone tell you they love you one day, and ask you to be exclusive, and then just ignore you?

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(Yeah, Gemini power!! Im a Gem to)

Do you think perhaps you throwing yourself at him headfirst and he inst comfortable with the strength of it? Maybe he's being repelled by how strong your feelings are. As much as I hate to say that...

Or perhaps he wasnt thinking about what he was doing and all of sudden it hit him that things were going to fast?

Or maybe he was having fun with how fresh and new the love was, then got turned off becuz it was becoming old and he wants varity?

I hate saying those things becuz there all downers.

Maybe hes just a hot n' cold type of guy, like mine.

Best of wishes and luck


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