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It's been longer than a year since breakup

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My ex broke up with me in May last year after 2 year relationship. I don't remember how I survived for the next few months. I read you guys' advice over and over again and worked out really hard, hung out with friends, dated with some guys and tried to stay busy and have fun. He finally contacted me but it ended up really bad, it made the situation a lot worse. We haven't talked since then.



Now everything is going well with me. I became a better person and also got a nice boyfriend. As seeing him I realize how terrible my ex was. But what makes me sad is how wonderful he was at the same time. In spite of those many * * * * ty things he'd done to me, he was still a great person and I can't stop thinking about him. I know I won't be able to see him ever again in my life. He lives in a different continent. I guess he's gonna be the one I will think about when I'm sentimental or when it rains after I get old. I wonder so much about how he's doing, but I can't and I shouldn't.



It's been 1 and three months since breakup. Do you think I'm sane or am I doing anything wrong? I'd appreciate if anyone gives me any advice.

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In spite of those many * * * * ty things he'd done to me, he was still a great person...


It makes me nuts when women say stuff like this. Reminds me of a former friend whose ex kept popping back into her life. He treated her like crap, but she kept going back for more, claiming what a great guy he "really" was.

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My first relationship lasted almost a year. And we've been broken up for a year and 1 month. I wonder if this relationship is your first relationship or your first real relationship you put a lot of effort into it.


I think it's because the amount of time you spent with the person [depends on the effort] you miss them a lot like crazy. So I recommend spending more time wiht the person that loves you and you love them. It probably will go away if you let go and not hold on to the past.


I've been strict NC ever since the breakup with two of my breakups. One lasted year the other lasted a week [The second one I knew him for 2 years before dating him.] Anyway, the second breakup was easier than the first. The first I do miss him and there are times I don't miss him and I just wanna punch him. LOL You get mix emotions.


So I recommend just hanging out with new people to get your mind off of the one you like the most.


Hope that helps.

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