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First date went until...


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I've been on a few dates with girls on a dating site, but I need advise about one girl in particular. We've both had our share of bad relationships and seemed to match up. We seemed to get on really well and talked every day. After talking for some time, we agreed a meetup in a nearby coffee shop. She then came up with a couple of lame excuses with no attempt to rearrange and so I waved it off and agreed to take her to see my friend's band the following week. The next night, she rang me up and apologized profusely and we agreed to meet that night at one of the bars in town. We seemed to hit it off really well and things got pretty hot and heavy, we got really close and a lot of touching, kissing and such was involved. After spending several hours together we ended up going somewhere a little quieter to sober up. During this time she was holding on to me, cuddling me, sitting on my lap and taking every opportunity to be close to me. She seemed really comfortable around me and told me that she thinks I'm lovely. I took her home as I had work the next day and said goodnight. We spoke on the phone the following evening and she apogolzied for getting wasted, as did I. She said it was fun and she had a really good time.


Here's the problem. A few days later she posted something on bbm about having a rough time right now. I asked her about it and she said it's okay and she'll be fine, but didn't mention what the problem was. I've sent her a couple of messages and tried to call her twice since, but no response. She sent me a reply to one of my texts last week but it was a one liner. Nothing was mentioned about going to see my friends' band play and I didn't make plans that night as I thought it was still on.


Skip forward two weeks and there has been little or no contact at all. Normally I would wave it off and move on, but this girl seems really nice and I hit it off with her better than I have anyone in a long time. Do I give her the chance to work through her problems and come back to me or would it be best for both of us if I forget about her and focus my efforts on finding someone more compatible?

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