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Phone Interview..HELP!


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A lady called me about a job application I sent in for an HR assistant role. She asked why I would want to work at a hospital and I said i think it would be great to be in an environment dedicated to helping others and I think hr is a crucial role in any organization and it is an opportunity to interact with all levels within the hospital.


She asked about my word and excel skills and said what am i from a 1 to a 10 and i don't really remember what she said 10 was..i couldn't hear her too well on the phone but i answered 7 thinking she meant 10 was the highest. She asked if i can come in for an intervew etc...I'm nervous i said 7 and 10 was labeled the lowest number..saying I am a 7 wouldn't make me look too good.


usually 1-10..10 is the highest no? and 5 is kind of neutral and 6 is above average? I hope i didn't answer wrong. I really want this job.


She also asked my salary and I said it's negotiable.

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well the interview is in basically a week..i don't really want to bring up and ask her what she meant then.


Do you think more than likely 10 was meant as the highest skill? i think i sort of automatically assumed she said that and she had such a soft spoken voice/or my phone etc..i can't tell what she REALLY said by it..later after the call i wondered..ugh

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Yes, it's more than likely that 10 referred to the highest skill. You must have made a good impression as you have been given an interview. Don't let worrying distract you from preparing for it


You don't have to raise the issue. If it's mentioned just explain, lightheartedly, that you must have misheard the lady on the phone and misunderstood the ranking order.

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the other problem is..it's at a hospital. She asked how i found out about the job and i said i was going through some websites.


A friend of mine who is more in the medical field said oh no, i shouldn't have said that and i should have said i have been looking for positions within a hospital setting etc. I just sort of think I am not really going in a medical field and my background has always been something in business..why would i said i have been meaning to get into a medical setting for an hr assistant? Did this set me back in some way b/c i didn't say it? I said i was going through some sites (maybe other hospitals as far as she knows) and came accross it


Is that so bad? i hope i didnt already begin to ruin my chances....

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