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If a guy likes a girl he will ALWAYS tell her - isn't that true?


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Is it a good idea to open up a guy you suspect is shy by initiating conversation with him?



whenever he walks by he always makes eye contact with you

even when he is with someone else, his eyes are on yours

he attempted to make conversation other times, asking odd questions like, "so what are you working on? any completes?" even though he's asked this 3 times in the last hour.



good idea to initiate conversation and open him up? Now I'm not entirely sure if this guy is into me, because i normally think if a guy likes you he will ALWAYS tell you, so far he hasn't whereas other Guys just come out with it.

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i went out with a co-worker and we are still togethr, so to me it is nonsense not to date a co-worker, who knows where you find love....and no a guy will not always tell you he likes you, my guy didn't and he did the same as the guy you describe, eventually i told him i had feelings for him and asked him out....and turned out he was shy and also convinced no one would ever like him, had been told that all his life....there can be many reasons why a guy doesn't ask you out or tell you he likes you....if you want him, tell him haha...no i suggest striking up a few conversations, i did too, and wasn't long until we spend hours after work talking, still in the office....

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People that are attractive sometimes live the most loneliest lives because nobody will approach them. To give theoretical examples of how much dating sucks (or lack there of) - a stunningly gorgeous women can end up only having men approach her who are only aching after her body and want a fling with her. This in turn if, she allows it to get to her, will make her feel unloved, bitter, low self-esteemed and cynical towards men in general.


Attractive shy guys essentially can experience the exact same thing but at the other end of the spectrum. If he can't approach women, then, he's often left sitting on the sidelines because the women is waiting & waiting for him to approach. I mean after all, he's attractive so she's probably thinking in her head that he's for sure confident and has good conversational skills and has women throwing themselves at him all all the time - right ? Eh...no. The guy out of loneliness will also end up feeling unloved, bitter, low self-esteemed and cynical towards women in general.

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Of course he won't ALWAYS tell you. I think there are very few circumstances in life where 'always' applies. All people are different, we do things in different ways.


If you think he likes you, and you would like him, I'd suggest to him that you spend some more time together. Eg. 'do you have time for a coffee later?'. That gives him a get out, if he doesn't want to ('sorry, I've got loads on'), but also means if he genuinely is busy, he knows you're interested, ('can't do today, but what about tomorrow after whatever').


I don't think you need to flat out declare you're interest, but if he is shy, he probably needs a little push like this. When you spend more time together one on one you should get a better feel for how interested he is.

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@ reflective.. you sound like you're in high school and your friends too... Not all guys will tell you that they like you. Guys are shy just like girls... They have their own insecurities too you know. You probably have this theory about guys that because they are guys, they should make the first move and tell you they like you. NO it does not work that way. I know a lot of my guy friends are shy to tell a girl that they find them attractive or they like them, so all they do is stare but doesn't tell them they like them because guys are also afraid of rejection. That is exactly why you always have people asking "does he/she like me?" sometimes we don't know because it may just be their character that they like to be nice and hang out with you and be around you, but it doesn't necessarily mean they like you.


I am in this whole mess too, I am not sure if this guy likes me, but I don't wanna scare him off and tell him I like him right now since I met him not too long ago, but you should give him time. He's probably just shy or just scared he might scare you off...

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