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Was this a reasonably assertive thing to say?


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I've got this girl who I'm close to and we really like each other but she seems inconsistent. She has trust problems and I'm generally pretty understanding of that because I really like her. We've been talking for months we came close to a first date but some things went wrong and it made her question if she could trust me (it was a girl she hates making things up) and we've been getting things back together the past couple of weeks a couple months ago she made it clear she can't rush a relationship or anything. Despite her saying that before she calls me hubby, if I say I love you she says it back, she says she misses me all the time, I've made her a picture and two songs and she really liked that, I always make her feel better if she's down. I expressed some concern that she was using me for emotional support and that we'll never do anything together last week and she assured me it's not like that. This tuesday I was texting her about my day telling her there was this guy I work with that I had to explain I'm not gay for and she says why don't you tell him you have a girlfriend? I asked her about that and she just never responded cause I'm assuming she was trying to imply she was my girlfriend. I pushed a little more about it yesterday and she asked if I was asking her to be my girlfriend? I told her yeah and explained I wanna move things forward but she never got back to me. After a whole day I decided I was fed up with this inconsistency so I just told her that I'm not freaking out on her and I care about her but when she seems inconsistent with her feelings it makes me confused and depressed like how she'll be so loving and hint at wanting to be my girlfriend but when I wanna talk about it she avoids then I said if she doesn't bother to talk to me about this within the next couple of days this is something I just can't handle and I can't stick around anymore. It's been an hour and she hasn't said anything, part of me really wants her to but on the other hand if she doesn't I'll just go out with my friend Saturday and try to meet some nice new girls or something. I've said something that made her think I was quitting on her awhile ago and she cried all day. I made it clear I'm not leaving her but only if she's willing to talk about this right?

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She's playing games.


She doesn't even want to be straight with you. Why would she cry all day if she can't make up her mind due to uncertainty and indecisiveness.


Something was said by the girl she hates and now she's stepped back because of that.


You're best bet is to move on. She's not stable enough yet to consider being with you.

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