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Follow Up?

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Hi Everyone!


I went job hunting on Wednesday and went to a particular restaurant where I had already printed and filled out their application and had my resume ready. I went to the restaurant and the hostess told me to come back today during 3 to meet with a manager for an interview. I asked if there was anyone I should ask for, but she said she'd be there and would get the right manager for me. I went today and she was there and while there were a few managers at the hostess booth, she told them I was there to see them and one told her that he'd meet with me in 10-15 minutes. It came and went, but I could see how it was a bad time, they were getting pretty busy. She apologized and said a party came in earlier than expected and that the managers were kinda busy. She said she'd take my resume and give it to them and that they'd call me. I don't want to be forgotten since I came there and waited. While I was there 3 other applicants came through. One was still filling out her application and the hostess said the same would go for her too, so just to move out of that "group of applicants", should I call to follow up? If so, when should I call? Tomorrow? Next week? Or should I just wait?? I'm just anxious to get to work knowing how behind I am in bills and whatnot. And it's a little annoying because it would've been great to sit down with someone to get the ball rolling instead of knowing that from an interview, I'm now in a pile of resumes and applications of everyone else. Any advice would be appreciated



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