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GF On Vacation, I Miss Her, & I Did This..Opinions Good or Bad?


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So my girlfriend and I have been dating for about 2.5 months now and we are both 23. We have both expressed that we are in love with each other. She is amazing and words cannot describe her.


Anyway, she left today for a vacation she has been planning for a few months now. It is 6 days to go home and see family/friends. So a few days ago I called her best friend to ask what her parents home address was (I couldn't ask her or it would ruin the surprise) and her friend gave it to me and said it was a sweet thing I was going to do.


So anyway, I hand wrote a one page letter explaining the time I met her, us dating, how much she means to me, and I signed it saying "love" and I drew a heart. I also included a picture of us together in the letter. She should receive the letter in the next one to two days. Last night she asked me to stay over at her place and cuddle/sleep with her because she would miss me, so I did. She told me I was one word; wonderful. However, this morning she was all weird and distant but that could have been pre-flight stress/fears. She did text me to see how my day at work went today but that is it.


So I am really nervous about her reaction to my letter. I have never sent a hand written love letter. I also miss her really bad and it has only been 10 hours since she left!


Everyone, what are your opinions? Is this something a great boyfriend does? Ladies would you like to receive a letter like this or was this creepy?



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You're in Germany, presumably, so you've been rendered heartless - ergo, your opinion on romance must be discarded.


lol, I find Germany to be rife with romantic potential. The beautiful architecture, the old world charm... I live in San Francisco and that's what made me heartless.

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Nothing is creepy if it comes from the heart..


Thanks, I put basically the stuff I like about her. How we instantly connected on our first date months ago. Blah blah


You did good. Nothing is wrong with being old fashion and sending letters from the heart.


Just checking! It seems like everyone these days do things through email, IM, or text.


Dude, you're gonna make her melt...seriously. Remember to not overdo it though - in the arena of love letters, less is more.


edit; overdo it with quantity I mean, keep the quality up!


Thanks! I included a picture of us hugging at the top of a mountain we climbed on a camping trip a few weeks ago.


If she loves you like she says she does she will love to receive the letter.


Don't worry too much about her being slightly weird/distant before, maybe she was just worried because she's going to miss ya


Thanks! She has said that she has never felt such a connection with someone. Last night she called me a wonderful boyfriend. I didn't think that maybe she was already missing me!


This is, like, basic romance, as far as I'm concerned. If it's viewed as "stalkerish" or "creepy" then you're with a dispassionate and unappreciative weirdo.


Like I mentioned above...it seems like everyone is writing things through email, IM, or text. So old fashioned things might seem out of the ordinary.

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Also, a week ago she was like "do you want my home address so if you need to send something?" and I said "why would I want to do that..." So she is under the impression that nothing is coming in the mail to her while she is away on her vacation. However, the whole time I actually was already working on the letter and had obtained her parent's home address from her best friend.

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Like I mentioned above...it seems like everyone is writing things through email, IM, or text. So old fashioned things might seem out of the ordinary.


I hear you, but don't let the romance die; because everyone uses these media to send their correspondence, it only means that your gesture will stand out all the more. I mean, how romantic is a spontaneous text that tries to explain, in under 160 characters and in broken English, how much someone means to you?


After three months of being in a relationship, give or take, I send off a handwritten love letter. All of my ex girlfriends, even the less romantic ones, loved it.

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