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I like him but how do you know if he likes you or not?


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how do you if a guy likes you?

So I met this couple weeks ago. Our first hang out was at his house and we watched TV and he played the guitar and sang a verse or two. it was so sweet because I never had a guy sing to me not even a verse. I know its not good to meet someone for the first time at their house, but anyways he continues to ask me to hang out at his house to play video games and watch TV.


We went clubbing with his friend and my friend and he was so sweet. he always paid attention to what I was wearing and always point out the stuff i have on or have in my bag and he even fixed my vest. he always make those pouting faces at me and made me smile because I was being cranky and irritated by lack of sleep. he held on my hand so that we can get pass the crowd. Though I got jealous when he danced with my friend more and I knew I had to step up my game and grab him first because I don't want that to happen again when I liked my other friend. I didn't take initiation. Anyways, I had to go to his house the following day to get my phone and we just played some video games and watch TV and we made out... I tried to resist but I guess I had my weak point as well. he apologized to me and hope it didn't ruin our friendship. We agreed to sit far away from each other so we won't make out but just for now since I didn't meet him or hung out with him too long ago.


he asked me to hang out with him again, but I'm on my period and I had to tell him before he thought that I didn't want to hang out with him because of what happened. I asked him to go drink with me and my friends and I am looking forward to tomorrow.


But how do I know if he likes me and not just to make out/have sex or someone to hang out to get out of loneliness and boredom?


We always talk online and he always so sweet to me and always ask if I was ok or not.

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Did you really tell a guy you're not dating that you couldn't "hang out" because you had your period? Um, TMI, girlie. Next time, say you're not feeling well... lol


I would stop running over to sit on his couch. This isn't dating. Unless he asks you out on a proper solo date, I'd consider his interest very casual.

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