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Will my cousin ever change?


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I used to be really close with my older cousin (shes 3 years older than me), up until about a year ago she started changing a lot. i go on this trip every other summer ever year (its a group thing that we do), she started going a few years ago. This past summer, i was supposed to go with her 6 hour trip she drives half i drive half. We were gonna be in the same room together well long story short about 4 days before the trip she backed out and i was screwed out of going, she had it all up in the air and said "shell let me know the plans when she figures them out" i said F--- that my aunt was going on another vacation so she asked me if i wanted to go with them instead when she found out what was going on, i said yes rather than waiting the last day for my cousin to say oh yea im going with other people so you dont have a room (my brother offered for me to go with him and his gf but i decided already that i was going with my aunt and wasn't backing out of that like my cousin did to me. Anyway, the family said they don't know how i didnt bring it up to her how it hurt me etc. but the way i saw it turns out i had an amazing trip and she had a really crappy time, i guess karma really is a * * * * * Anyway, a few months later i started talking to her cousin (not at all related to him) the family kept saying how he was interested in me maybe more than friends but i've known him literally my entire life and i didn't see him as more than a friend. we have hung out a few times as friends and talked a lot. my cousin got a hold of that and said "they will never date and i'll make sure that won't ever happen" the thing that got me pissed off was that she was completely wrong to begin with since i didn't see him that way, and who is she to tell me who i can and can't date, i don't tell her who she can and can't date. (sorry venting here a little bit). there was a family problem between her and her brother (my grandpa was involved and he was talking to my mom about it) my mom had a problem with it bc she was disrespecting my grandpa after all hes done for her. long story short, (sorry for the message being so long), my cousin ended up making a point of my mom being involved thru facebook and that just pushed my moms buttons (her and my mom had a 2 hour convo on the phone) and the trip and how she treated me came up, she wasn't going to say anything bc it happened to me not my mom but she got fed up with it and she ended up being treated by her brother the same way she treated me so thats how my mom brought up the subject of the trip and what happened (sorry for it being a little confusing lol). i have seen my cousin once since the holidays (christmas/thanksgiving), and that was after the 2 hour convo with my mom well she barely said hello to me when she came over with my aunt and only did because my aunt said hi, i pretty much ignored her like she ignored me last time rather than bring it up and start arguing. but she acted like nothing was wrong and talking up a storm with my mom perfectly fine like the convo never happened between them. well now she recently moved to another state but also coming home every now and then. when she was on the phone convo with my mom she said "well go ahead make me feel bad for something else that happened a year ago, tell her (me) i said sorry". To me that right there she doesn't really believe she did anything wrong and if she was truly sorry she would have asked to put me on the phone or have said sorry the next time she saw me. She is the type who plays the "victim" a lot. She also ended up telling me when i invited her to go out for my bday she said IF she didn't have her friends bday shell come out for mine with her bf (to me the IF wasn't set about her friends party) i would't have been annoyed at that if her friend had already made def. plans for that same day for her bday thats fine but if the plans arent set as my cousin i thought she would have said ok im coming or we'll come to yours then hers or hers then yours etc. Her own cousin (that i hang out with) he didn't know anyone at the party except my brother and he still came when she didn't and she ended up doing nothing but hanging out with her bf that night. Between the trip, the phone call with my mom, the way she treated my grandpa and her brother, being friends with her cousin, and my birthday i just feel like shes never going to change, i thought familly is supposed to be there for each other? we went from hanging out every week, lunch all the time to barely talking to each other and barely saying hi to each other. do people really change or they will stay that way just because they are selfish assholes?...again, sorry for it being so long had to do a little venting but thanks for actually reading all that for those who do lol

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**she didn't back out of the trip, she decided to go with other people and room with them instead her excuse was bc she will be out partying til 1 2 am and she didn't want to come in the room and scare me...when obviously she would be the only other person with a key...but turns out she was in the room by 11 not 1 2am bc she had a miserable time. i guess its true what they say about karma

**the whole birthday thing, that was all before the long phone convo so she didn't back out for that reason

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