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Anyone can shed some light on this??? do i got this? or is it a facade?


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Me and this girl been dating for about 2 months, things have been going great. She has commitment issues and used to be homeless when she was young. She tells me she wants to be my gf but shes emotionally unready. She got out of a relationship 7 months ago. She tells me im the sweetest person she has ever met and wants to build something but her heart says yes and head says no. recently she told me she feels we r moving to fast and wants to slow down. fact is that she is the one all over me. She told me she wants me to wait for her and still wants to date but now she hardly texts me. I stopped txting her too because im giving her what i want and she sent me a txt sayin" damn i didnt mean for you to ignore me"...About 1 week later, she bombards me to hang out and we hang out for 3 days straight and she is back all over me and such..we hung out at a theme park on sunday and at one point she called me "love" in spanish...we aint together but she keeps bringing up things like oh we got to watch this or my parents will try to adopt you later...hinting of a future?? but she doesnt make a move???? help!

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Right now I would take everything she says with a grain of salt.

She tells you to keep your distance then she tells you not to ignore her.

You are not a mind reader although there are many people out there who 'expect' you to be.


I'm wondering if status affect the way she behaves towards someone she loves.......which relates little to her difficult upbringing BTW.



Doing the current things without the official exclusive status, she is fine.

Doing the current things while being officially gf and bf beings outs a different person.

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