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Sex troubles with girlfriend


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Hello all, I'm new to the forum and apologize that my first post is so long! My girlfriend and I have been together for 6 months, and live together in a 2 bedroom apartment with another couple. At the beginning of our relationship sex was more regular than it was now, at least if I tried and she at first denied me we would end up having sex. I would be able to jump her and have sex on a spur of the moment kind of deal. Lately though it seems like our sex life is on the decline. I often try to

initiate things, and she turns me down. We've gone down to having sex 2-3 times a week. I would

understand if she was a girl that just had a low sex drive, but shes told me all these crazy sex stories

about her and her ex boyfriends, like making a video, having sex 13 times a day, doing it on the hood of a car, etc. I feel as if she would never do any of this with me. I've made jokes to her saying things like

"lets break your record" and she just tells me it would hurt because i'm big. I've also seen in her email sexy pictures she's sent to her ex boyfriends, and shes only done that with me once. I'll try to sext her sometimes too and she just seems like shes not having it at all. I've asked her about the pictures and she says we live together so we see each other all the time. I guess I understand this. Often times when I try and get denied, I'll get upset with her and she'll ask me why i'm being mean to her or get aggravated with

me. Often times her excuse is she is tired from working at 7 am. I understand she is tired, I really do,

but shouldn't she try to make time for me every now and then? a while back when I wanted to have sex

multiple times a day shes asked what was wrong with just once a day, so i don't see why we cant do at

least that? and i understand if every now and then shes too tired, I really do. i just don't know how to

say to her i want to have more sex or im sexually frustrated without sounding like a douche. I really love this girl, I see myself being with her for a long time, maybe even marrying her someday. Shes 20, soon

to be 21, and im almost 24. I know she enjoys sex with me, she orgasms every time. I just feel like shes losing interest in me sexually or I'm doing something else wrong, I don't know. Anyone have any advice? Anything would be much appreciated!

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I'm just getting the feeling that you've been too pushy and she feels under pressure. Nothing is guaranteed to make her feel less like having sex then the way you have been approaching this.


I agree with the first post. More romance and maybe let her make the first move for a while until she relaxes and feels less pressure.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the quick responses. I see what you're saying about not being as pushy, I've definitely been Trying to be less lately. As far as the romance thing goes, I think we are good; we use pet names, tell each other we love each other, I get her flowers, and literally make her dinner everynight, no exaggeration

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Maybe you're thinking....well, she was like this with her ex's so why can't she be like that with me?

Is there something less attractive about me compared to her ex's?


I'm just guessing maybe knowing her past is a cause for you being pushy and your concerns about yourself and the way she sees you in comparison to her ex's since she was very sexually active and adventurous with them but not you.


The thing is people change.

Sometimes people fulfill their sexual wants like a list of things to do and once those things have been done they don't really feel like doing those things much anymore.

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