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need some advice to steer me in the right direction!


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Hey folks, I have a question I need some advice on. I was divorced recently and started a relationship with a new woman only seven months after my wife left me. I was in denial that I was over my wife but apparently not. The new relationship ended a few days ago. Was it wrong for me to start the new relationship even though I knew I wasn't totally over the divorce? I mean I like the new woman a lot! She was smart, beautiful, caring and understanding. But, it made our relationship rocky because I couldn't bring myself to admit to her that I was still depressed. The funny thing is she told me that she knew I was in a vulnerable state but that she was being selfish and went ahead with everything. She was always the one to tell me that she would never keep in contact with any of her ex's. She told me the night of our break up that she would make a special exception for me, What does that mean? Now I'm stuck without her and I do miss her companionship. I know for a fact that she was not a rebound but she clearly thinks it was. If it were that then I would have left her after we slept with each other. She will be super busy with her school starting next week and work. I will be busy with my work schedule and all. What should I do? I want her back but I know there is a risk she may find someone else. We've told each other that if it's fate then we will be in each others lives again. I don't want to force the issue and seem like I'm desperate but desperate times do call for desperate measures! Someone please give me some guidance as I am stuck in a rut! Thanks for listening to ramble on folks. GOD BLESS!!

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