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Oral Sex


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If you two have never done this before I would advice to talk about first, because she might not like it at all... Not every women like receiving oral, lots of women feel "strange" because of it... so discuss it with her first! Than if she likes the idea again talk about how she likes, tell her to guide you... What you might see in the porn movies doesn't not apply on every women, a porn movie is just a movie you know ...

Important is to have a relationship in which you can honestly communicate and if you trust each other and feel relaxed, comfortable with each other you might try things you both agree on...

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Variety, that is key. Sometimes have long slow licks all over her, other times use just the tip of your tongue on the clit. You can switch between tongue and fingers back and forth etc. Basically talk to her before hand, have her be vocal, tell you what she likes and what she doesn't, and change it up a lot. Eventually the two of you will find a rhythm that works.

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watch a porn


But take everything you see with a grain of salt. Porn isn't about sex that feels good, but about sex that looks good -- to the skeezy perverts who direct porn films.


Better yet: listen to her. Listen to her breathing, her moans, and (ideally) her screams. Pay attention to how she moves her body. This will tell you what you need to know.


Note: when she gets really excited, don't change what you're doing -- keep it up.

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Excellent question, might be good to look up a picture. But above the vaginal opening is another tiny hole, that is the urethra, and just above that is the clit. It is a little "button" i guess you could describe it as. It's small, sort of round or ovular. There is skin around it, this is the clitoral hood, and as she becomes aroused the clit swells and comes out of the hood. It's not hard to find, but if you are having trouble just do big long licks all over her until you find it. Also remember, don't spend all of your time focused on it, mix things up.

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