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how does a liar react when caught? I feel like I'm the crazy one.


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I need help. I caught my girlfriend in a lie. I found proof that she's been lying to me about her job. She doesn't really work where she says -she doesn't work at all. I won't go into details about all the other lies I found out but I have 100% proof. I confronted her and she gave me no reaction at all except that I don't know what I'm talking about. She was calm about this.

Then today she has changed her tune and she has been showing me all kinds of proof that she's not lying. Her friend who I know is part of the ruse, who works at the place where she has been pretending to work has posted all stuff on my g/f's (i should say Ex b/c i don't even want to stay with her with all the lies I found out) facebook page about how great it was at work today, etc. But the thing is I know she wasn't at this job.

Anyway My question is when someone is caught lying do they react this way. Do they continue going on with the lie even though you have proof. She's making as if I never even showed her proof. She just continues pretending that she's this big executive at this place where she doesn't even work. She even told me how great her day at work was today...I feel like I'm the nut when I saw her someplace else and it wasn't even work.

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Well, if I remember correctly....Scott Peterson told Amber Frey that his work took him all over the world and he called Amber from the spot where all the rescuers for Laci regrouped. The bizarre thing was that he told Amber he was calling from Paris.


Also, Casey claimed she worked at Universal Studios until she went to the building with the police and finally had to fess up. Her parents were under the belief that she worked at Universal Studios.


In both of these cases it has been determined that Scott is a sociopath and also Casey has been declared to be a sociopath.


Draw your own conclusions. Be glad to be rid of her..........

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