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how to know if a guy likes you and not for your body?


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I been talking to this guy for more than 6 or 7 weeks now. I met him through a guy I met online when we went clubbing together. We found out that we lived a block away from each other and we used to go to the same school. He was usually the one who who aim me first and he asked me if I wanted to hang out. He kept asking me a few times that we should hang out with each other while I was in LA at the time. He said I could come over his house and play with his ps3 and teach me guitar and watch movies together. He seems like a pretty slick guy when I said I guess, he was only you only guess? I guess you don't wanna watch it with me =( with a sad face lol. he said that he was gonna watch it without me since he needed to return the DVD. So I said aww, you don't have to watch it alone. I'll come by later and he said haha ok with a =). Since I had nothing else to do, I went to his house at night to watch a movie. We never went out on a proper date yet, but I plan to invite him to a movie at a theaters.


Anyways, we went clubbing with the guy I met online and my friend again. This time he paid more attention to me and he kept making pouting faces at me and asked me whats wrong. I was really exhausted that day, cranky, sleepy, hyper lol. All emotions mixed into one since I hardly had any sleep lately, but didn't wanna back out last minute. He kept asking me if I was doing ok and told me to smile and be happy since we were already inside. he tried to make me dance so I would enjoy the night and He held onto my hand as we tried to get past the crowd. I was happy that he was able to protect me from creepers, but I did get a little jealous that he danced with my friend and paid a little more attention to her because she was really tipsy. I think I saw him kiss my friend on the cheek and brush her thighs... it made me desire him more because he was very sweet to me/nice to me and I liked him a little. He even grabbed me when I was about to fall unlike the guy I met online who just stood there like an idiot. he was the only guy that was protecting me from creepers while the guy I met online stood there and thought it was funny.


Anyways I walked to his house the next day because I left my phone in his car. he said that I could come over anytime from 2-10. I went around 4 because I had to take care of some errands and i needed to get out the house away from parents. We played a little street fighter and watched some tv shows together. Then He started to sit closer to me and poke me on the side and started tickling me on my leg, sides, and neck. Then he pull me closer and I laid on his chest. he continues to poke and tickle me. I sorta started to fall asleep on his bed because I was overly exhausted. Anyways he continues to touch me and later he started moving his hands toward my boobs and he starts to finger me. I tried to stop him but it wasn't something I could control either. I admit I liked making out with him and it felt good to relieve stress. I like cuddling with him and I havent done that in awhile and it feels nice. he kept asking if I was alright whether it hurt when he fingered me, but no sex was involved.


However, after it was over, he apologized to me and said it was his fault. he said his hormones kicked in, but he said he will control himself more and I guess i need to stop him as well. He even tried to put barriers in between us and sit far away from me as possible but I guess I am too tempting. I am tiny, short, and people says that I am cute and I know guys like those girls.


We talked about this later online about whether I liked it or not, was it painful, he asked if I done this sorta of thing before, asked it was a virgin or not. he's not a virgin but he told me he did it with with 2 girlfriends in college. he said that we should keep this a secret between us too and I agree too.


By the way, he lives with his parents and fraternal brother, but he lives downstairs away from them. I asked if he ever brought girls over, and he said this sort of thing rarely happens to him. I do believe him since his parents lives with him and he has a really messy room. I mean most guys who actually clean their room and not let a girl see their room messy like that. I don;t mind of the mess. I can't stand a super squeaky clean room and he knows my room is a mess too.


He said he hopes this doesn't mess up our friendship and he truly is sorry for what happened. he even asked me if i will ever go to his house to play videp games and watch tv with him. he said he always watched it alone and it was nice to watch it with someone for exchange. It was nice for me too.


i know its too fast to say if he likes me or not, but is he into me or just my body or both? o.0 How do you know?

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Well...the best thing to do to make sure a guy is interested in your mind is to not put yourself in situations when you first meet a guy where making out can happen. Meet him in public places that don't involve drinking. Don't go over to his bedroom or go to watch a dvd with him alone -- too soon for that if you want to hold a guy off a little to get to know him. I do think its possible for two people to meet and something magical happens that they dont normally do, but what is telling is how this guy approached your friend when she was drunk. An upstanding guy who wasn't dating her would touch her to guide her to a chair when she was stumbling or to support her up, but wouldn't be touching her thighs or caressing or kissing her. He may not be a "bad" guy, but he certainly can't control his hands.


I am not trying to say its good or bad to move fast if that's what you want - but again, you want to be in control of the situation rather than just going along with whatever a guy does and saying you can't control what happens.


I think there is strong attraction here, but I don't think he knows you well enough to go beyond thinking you are cute, have a nice body, etc. at this point. He may think you are nice, but he is definitely not going for the mind at this point. Not that it doesn't have potential, but that's where he is at, and I really can't believe based on his other behaviors that he said girls don't end up coming home with him. It seemed a little too natural for him to set up the idea of coming to watch a movie, and doing that sort of thing = activities that usually naturally lead one thing to another.


Anyway - its your choice. If you really are interested in this guy and its not just because he is available - go on proper dates. That means meeting for an ice cream or pizza, going to an outdoor festival or art show, going roller blading - it doesn't have to cost anything or be expensive but it has got to get you out of being alone in his room or on his sofa. Unless you want that. Remember - there are more guys out there if he doesn't meet your criteria of someone who likes you or you first.

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There's always a part of a guy that will like you for your body.

It's how much in comparison to who you are.


If you can just chill out and do the same things together, it will make the guy more interested in you.

Be able to joke, and talk about random things together.


But this coming from me.


I think it varies a lot for guy to guy in what makes them interested in you as a person besides your body.

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Why does this whole "fingering" incident sound like you were violated sorta kinda against your will?


My guess is you're a bit biased against men. She let him do it and said it felt good.


Op, how you know he wants you for more than sex is by dating him until you know there's a real connection before having sexual contact. The less subjective method is simply, if he spends money on you and takes out in public.

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My guess is you're a bit biased against men. She let him do it and said it felt good.


Op, how you know he wants you for more than sex is by dating him until you know there's a real connection before having sexual contact. The less subjective method is simply, if he spends money on you and takes out in public.


LOL. That's funny.


I guess you missed the part where she said she tried to get him to stop. And if he didn't think/know he violated her, he wouldn't have asked her to keep this a "secret".

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