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close friends with 10 year older guy, but I want more


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I'm a 19 years old girl who met this amazing guy( 28 ) half a year ago. We met because of our huge shared passion: music. I've played music in a band for a few years and he joined us in the band last January.

In the beginning I thought: ok nothing special, nice easygoing guy to play music with.But I got to know him better and 2 months later we began spending time together, going to cafés etc... This guy also has his own music project of himself, and because he said he liked to play with me a lot, he asked if I wanted to join this project. So a few months ago, I did( and I left the band). Now it was just the two of us playing music for hours and hours..and it's really something special, we create music ourselves and there's always this magical feeling when playing together and sometimes he keeps just staring me in the eyes and things like that..

And it's not only musically that we match, our personalities are very much the same and when we're alone we can talk and fool around without feeling weird or something. But since 2 months I started, slowly but surely, having this deep feelings for him but I don't know if he does, it just drives me crazy. For example: 1 month ago he asked me to come over to his appartment with the intention of making music that whole weekend( I could sleep there, he had 2 beds in separate rooms ). Well that weekend was the best thing of my summer this year! It was like living together for a while...and we talked, played music,cooked togehter, watched movies, and there's always this tense in the air but nothing happened.. well almost nothing: before we went to sleep in our separate rooms, he gave me this hug, which we never did before...that felt so good but at the same time painful because we have this age gap bewteen us. I just don't know if he sees me as his musical friend or as someone he could probably start a relationship with.. Because I really do! But I don't have the guts yet to tell him what my feelings are because i'm scared that, if he feels nothing, we will lose our friendship-musical relation, which is a great thing.

Hmm i still have got so many things to say about this situation but...what would yo guys do if you were in my situation? I really need some advice because I think of him all the time and I don't know what to do..

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