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Do y'all think i did the right thing???


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LONG story really short.. I had been going out for this girl for 3 yrs and she treated me like crap. she broke up with me and i was devastated. i started seeing this other girl and my ex came back. she said she loved me and missed me and then now she started treating me like crap again and ignoring me and saying that she doesnt miss me and that she realized she didnt want to be with me anymore. I was texting her for 2 days and she wouldnt answer any of my calls or text.

so she finally texted me saying "if you want to talk call me this instant because i wont have time later on" so i texted her saying guess what?... she replyed what?

Then i told her that i knew i deserved someone one better. someone who wouldnt jump at the chance to treat me like crap when all i have ever done is try to make her happy. That i had the ability to make another woman happy and that she just chose to pass up on the opportunity. That i always accepted her for who she was and who she wanted to be but she just couldnt see it. that i wasnt going to be sad over her anymore and that i deserved someone who didnt treat me like that.

she didnt text me back after that. do you think i did the right thing? i really do love this girl but i just cant let her keep toying with my emotions like that. so im thinking about not texting her again and applying the no contact rule. What do you guys think?

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1) She treated you like garbage.

2) When she comes back, she ignores you and continues to treat you like garbage.


That's only two items on the checklist, but they're enough to tell you TO STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN. SHE IS RUINING YOUR LOVE LIFE.

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That girl "adriana" told me that i still had feelings for my ex that i should fight for her. Adriana and i remained friends throught out this whole thing. Shes great. she treats me exactly how i should be treated but knowing that i still have feelings for my ex we are still friends. i want her to know that she is not going to be a rebound.

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No need to question when you refuse to allow someone to treat you like crap or walk all over you. Work on gaining some self confidence back to back your actions. You did good. As far as the new girl - yes, best to wait until you are truly over the ex. If it is meant to be it will be, if not, you move on. We all do. Eventually. But we do.

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I had a girlfriend like that. I was strong and confident in the beginning, and she saw right through that and became the spoiled drama queen model. I let her get away with it because the sex was good and she was hot. She broke up with me by yelling at me on the phone saying, "i dont like you, leave me the F alone, goodbye!" She called back and apologized a few days later, and i acted like i didnt care.


She would contact me afterwards, but i would ignore. I once found her on myspace and added her just so she can see all the women i was dating.


Idiots like that need jerks. They need a jerk to get them off their baby-rocker and tell them to calm down and that they look ugly when they complain. They need to be push and pulled until you break their ego down, only then will they chase and treat you normal. It isnt worth it, because regardless of this 'act' they are always capable of screwing you over or just still being annoying. Some people are just not good relationship material, people like that are worth a few nights out, then you stop calling them back, thats their worth, and thats probably why they run back to the good guys to kick them around. And yes, this is a rant, lol.

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Yikes......a bit harsh? How about if she burns you again, in time you will learn. We all make mistakes. We all repeat some of our mistakes....... At least I am human last time I checked, and I do.


It was harsh--I don't subscribe to the coddling approach of giving advice. If people took more responsibility for the situations they put themselves in, they wouldn't be so busy wondering why they're so unhappy and keep getting the same results.


I'm not implying that I'm perfect by any means. A long time ago I agonized over a particular break up with a girl and talked it to death with all of my friends. I mean--that's all I wanted to talk about. Everyone was supportive and nice and offered up all the usual kind words, but one friend in particular told me, "You know, you seem to be obsessing over her. It's like you're choosing not to let it go." And out of all the advice I was given, which words of wisdom do you think stuck with me after all these years?

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People learn from their experiences. You can say and give whatever advice and it helps. Most of the time people won't gain the wisdom until they experience it directly and learn from it. To the OP, you did the right thing, and like I said on the other thread, now back those words up with NC. Heal, get over your ex. Don't use the other chick as a rebound.

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