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How do you know when you're over the ex??

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Logic would say you're only over your ex when you stop thinking about them.


Me and my ex broke up beginning of June. He intitated and I just went along with it - you could call it mutual.

Nearly 3 months down the line I'm feeling really good! I joined a dating site 2 weeks ago and have been conversing with one guy and yesterday evening was our first phone chat.


We have a very smooth rapport with each other, let's just say he is brilliant! We've set a 1st date this Thursday and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it.


One thing at the back of my mind though is my ex, he is still there but I feel him fading from my memory and its scary that soon he will have no significance in my life anymore.

What's more, I have this guilty feeling like its wrong to move on in which seems a short amount of time...Can people heal quickly?


My worry is that I can't tell whether I'm truly over my ex, I know I'm over him love wise but just him as that person who used to be part of my life is still hanging on in my memories....

Am I near the end of the healing process? and am I ready to date this new guy?


I don't want to be rebounding with someone, it isn't fair! This guy is gorgeous, witty and so so sexy and I can't stop thinking about him. Oh and his starsign and mine are one of.the best matches in the zodiac (this is a bonus of.course).


So yep that's it really. This guy is great, am I ready to date?


Any opinions appreciated.



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No one here knows if you're ready to date...would you honestly get back together with your ex if he came back? If so then I guess you're not ready to date.


I'm over my ex and am dating someone now that I really like, but I still have days where I miss her. I wish I didn't, but I do, and I'm not going to put my life on hold just because of it.

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I think deep down you will know whenever you are really ready to date. I have been broken up with my ex since March (that would make it about 6 months). About 3 months into the break up, I ended up going out with an acquaintance who had shown interest in me for quite a while (But we never really went out before because of circumstances). I figured after 3 months I would be ready to date. We both agreed to take it slow, be open to whatever might happen, and just enjoy getting to know each other. Whenever I was with her, I was truly happy; my ex wouldn’t cross my mind at all. But every time I went home, my ex would crawl back into my mind and I will start missing her again. We went out on dates for about 2 months until she started to get impatient with the uncertainty and, fairly, she asked me to either take a step forward with her or just go our separate ways. I thought about it and I realized I was not truly over my ex yet if she was still in my mind.


It gave me a whole new perspective on the rebound situation, and helped me understand why rebounds relationships usually build so fast. They act like a sedative, they relief the pain of the break up, and make you forget about your ex temporarily. The more I realized what it did to me to just be with this new girl, the more frequent I wanted to see her so I could just forget about my ex at least for a little while. It’s been about a month since I last heard from the girl, and I know now with certainty I was rebounding with her. After we decided to part ways, I went back to dealing with my previous break up, I went back to missing my ex, and think about her.


I just wanted to put in my two cents. I think nobody can tell you whether or not you are ready, and there is definitely no time frame that fits everybody. One thing though, when I had the last talk with the girl, we parted amicable and we both agreed that we were glad we at least gave it ago even if it didn’t work out as planned. So, best of lucks on whatever you decide! But if you decide to give it a try with this new person, just be completely honest and open with him.

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