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How to "tame" a Taurus male?


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I am not that much in this zodiac thing, but I am having difficulties communicating with a Taurus man, he always says that "he is Taurus", whatever that means... So, he is slow, stubborn, stable... I think this stable aspect of his character attracts me the most but I am having trouble guessing his feelings, intentions since he is not talking... Any help from maybe another Taurus how can I reach for him, what should I do, not to do in approaching him? Thanks!

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Haha! Your kidding right? He's blaming his star-sign on how he is?


If only he knew half of the zodiac, he would know that his thoughts/feelings are controlled by his moon sign. Not his sun sign. But that's a whole different story.............


I'm not buying into his excuse and neither should you. He's full of it.

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For what it's worth, I am involved with a Taurus. If there is a commonality among them, they are slow, stubborn and stable! They are tactile (touch-oriented), and not into histrionics (who is), so leave the drama out of it. They are good listeners, and slow to form opinions, but once they form them, they are set in concrete.


They are not great at communicating feelings --- they tend to be action oriented instead.


They are worth the extra effort. You need a lot of patience.

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Remember, women communicate with emotions and men communicate with logic. That is why the two never seem to understand each other. You should approach him in a logical manner. Tell him that you want to understand him better and have open communication with him to strengthen the relationship or whatever it is. Avoid the word "Feel" or "Feeling". Use instead "Understand". Just remember not to approach him in an emotional standpoint because he could possibly shut down even more than he already is. If he is not opening up then perhaps moving on would be the best option. Who wants to be in a relationship where both partners can't open up to each other.

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As a Taurus I will say that there IS a commonality amongst Taurean's and what is said about them is true. They are often bull headed and means that they are stubborn, moody, slow to form thoughts and are GREAT lovers. I say this because I know many Taurean's who are touch-sensitive and who spend a great deal of time being attentive to their lover. I've always been this way and many of the Taurean's I know are like this too.


As far as not being able to express emotions and feelings, I must differ because I am very good at communicating that. I'll never just let things to fester and I'll speak my mind so people know when they've offended me or said something to hurt me. As well as being a amature poet at nature, I'll often write poems or love letters to girls I am intimate with as a way to express my sweet side.


IF you're looking to "bag" a Taurean, be affectionate towards them. Show them sweetness and furthermore, let them take charge a majority of the time and DO NOT tell them what to do. They don't like that lol Be patient as well as Taurean's are often really great lovers and when they calm into themselves and let themselves grow, they make fantastic partners. Oh and they are EXTREMELY loyal. Once you get a Taurean, nothing short of straying yourself will they ever leave your side.

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I don't know why people want to date people who are a poor match. You can't slice away the stability from the rest of it. Trying to maneuver around the stubbornness sounds tiring. I don't want someone I have to come up with strategies to deal with qualities I don't like. My holistic strategy is to keep looking for a correct match.



ooops this post is five years old.

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