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Why would my boyfriend TRY to make me jealous?


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I'm 20 and my boyfriend is 21. We go to different universities, he started last week and I don't start for another 2 weeks.


So I've been asking him about his classes, etc. and he tells me about his teachers, etc, but capitalizes on this girl he swapped numbers with on the first day. Like just now we were on the phone in the middle of a conversation and he said, "Ohh that girl from my history class just texted me, are you jealous?"......???? And he says things like, "Her name is Samantha", etc.


??? CONFUSED! I usually don't get jealous, and I don't think my boyfriend would cheat, nor would I suspect anything unless he gave me a reason to. What do you guys think? Should I play with fire and try to make him a little jealous too?

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Well, you could make him jealous too, and you could as a result turn this long-distance relationship into something extremely toxic until it dissolves into wondrous gobs of sewage. Or you could just ask him what's his deal, if you have a relationship where you feel comfortable communicating openly.


His behavior is bizarre. Usually if you're trying to make someone jealous, you do so subtly - like you don't come right out and ask "are you jealous?"

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He has nothing to prove by doing that.


And that does seem to be very caught off guard like. Why would he just out of nowhere say something like that. There's no reason for him to.


Also. I do agree. That you don't want to turn a relationship into something unhealthy and toxic like that. There's no reason for you to make him jealous. I agree. Ask him what his deal is.

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I agree with MCX and Jetta. He's might be feeling insecure about the relationship and wants to know if you still love him. But, at the same time, because you feel this is not him, you should ask him what's going on. And let him know that it's not cool.


Then, see what happens.

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He is doing it to get a response from you, something to clarify your love for him. You have to remember that you two are now in a long distance relationship and he probably wants to know that you still want to be together. Im not proud of it but I have adopted his tactic once or twice to get a response from my girlfriend - it usually ends in an argument though. Sometimes people just need reassurance. I am in a similar position at the moment, my girlfriend of two years is going to university in september and I have become slightly needy, all I really want sometimes is clarification that she still feels the same. I guess it just goes down to trust. I would be honest about how you feel. Hope this helps. Let me know how you get one, it may prove to help me.

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