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When a guys says this....


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Could mean a ton of things...no way to tell without knowing who he is or what the dynamic of these people are.


Posters will suggest that what he said may indicate he's not that into you - 'if you want' - but he could've just been nervous.

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Ohhhhhk yeah I just wanted an unbiased opinion. But yeah I ran into a guy I used to hang out with at the mall. It was very random and we had what I would consider awkward small talk. I was awkward and he was awkward and on top of that he was texting so after ten minutes I said I was leaving and then he said for me to text if I wanted or something along those lines. And actually, he texted me saying he was at that mall and to meet him if I was in the area, which is weird. Idk, maybe he knew I was there. Not sure.

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