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I'm leaving my sweet boyfriend for my ex boyfriend


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I'm 40 yrs old and dated a guy for about 14 months.(no children) I love him and we got along ok. He became distant and was not giving me the attention I needed as well as sex.We had a fight and I told him to leave which he did. I tried to contact him several times and he never responed.A few months later I reconnected with an old male friend from 20 years ago. We hit if off BIG time and he is my current boyfriend. He loves me deeply and cares for me so much. He always tells me I'm pretty and makes me feel special, hes kind, sweet, romantic, generous, everything! I just had cosmetic surgery (upper and lower eyes) and he was there for me all the way. He took care of me for 5 days,changing bandages, putting on ice for swelling , did all househole chores. He came into the recover room and held my hand too, so sweet!

Problem my ex boyfriend called me 2 weeks ago and said he loves me and misses me.I still love him and am going to breakup with my current boyfriend to be with him. I know this will devestate him. I just have to do this.Why am I doing this? Should I do this? I still care for my current boyfriend VERY MUCH! HELP!

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Since you are going to do this, be prepared to lose not only a lover but a great friend.

Bring on the potential distancing and lack of sex with may happen again with your ex.


I can really see much good coming out of this, but if your ex is that special to you for what ever other reasons besides distancing and lack of sex, then by all means do what you intend to do.

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I'm not sure how to say this exactly, but it seems you're rather whimsical with your emotions. Before making a move I would sit down and really ask yourself what you want. You have the potential of giving up a very good situation and running back to your ex, only to find that the same problems you had before still persist.

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