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Dear John Letter??


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Well, letters help us to express ourselves in a format other than within our own minds. Another means many turn to is recording their thoughts on tape. If you intend to break up with this man, you should write out a basic outline of what you want to say to this man, and then when you speak to him next, use that as your guide.

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I write loads of letters.... The only one I regret writing is the one that I sent


I think letters are great for putting thoughts in order and can help you figure out what you really want to say!


My case I'm sure is different but..... I sent a letter that pretty much slammed, locked and boarded up the door. An actual conversation would have been a better option in hindsight. Maybe I would have got better closure.


Just my experience..... Talking may be difficult but is surely best!!!


x x

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Good thing I didn't write it. I talked to him and said what's going on here? We used to talk all the time and you came over every weekend and finally he said riding the train is getting expensive coming back and forth but he starts his job in 3 weeks so he will be closer and we can hang out more or so he says. I am not holding my breath he has been kind of flighty lately.

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