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During my relationship with my girlfriend we had many ups and down, and many of break up and getting back together.99% of the break up were because i decided to end them for numerous reasons. One, she put her hand on me. 2, she was very controlling, she always needed to know who i am with and what i am doing, and three, treated me like a child. I admit i have my flaws which are going to be addressed to a psychologist next week.I remember this last time, I was talking to her mother and she was interrupting me, so i told her to shut up(wit F word). After i said that she came out me like a gorilla calling me * * * * * and * * * * * for not getting out of the car and saying it to her face...I feel horrible about the thing i said to her. )=

Our last break up she refused to get backk with me (which idk why i wanted her back even) and we were broken up for a week. We met up and got back together, however things were not the same. She was so cold towards me. After 10 days i said to myself i deserve better so i told her i wll make it easier for her and i said goodbye... Since that last text she blocked me from everything including my home number. I was in shock....she even told ppl how she was happy it was over. but i guess that joke was and is on me?.


I need advice outside prospective.

( i know i have my issues and i need to improve myself, i feel so guilty.)

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No really dude you needed to get out of that.. u were wound up so tight you were screaming at people she was not healthy for you and obviously controling same as her mom... good ridence just hearing what uve said u needed to get out of that relationship a long long time ago.. good luck with the theropy =) hope it helps

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