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My first break up :(


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My ex girlfriend broke up with me a month ago and each day i am crying my eyes out because i love her so much!! We where together for 5 months. I miss her really badly I haven't chased after her or excessively called her or texted her .... I have only spoken to her once on msn since she left me. What made the whole situation harder for me was that she dumped me through a text message.


Each day i am dying inside to talk to her. Her reasons for leaving was that she needed some time to be single and have some space? I cant imagine myself with anyone else but her she is so perfect and beautiful. What should i do to ever get the chance of being with her again? PLEASE HELP ME

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Where's your pride man? If she dumped you, that means she doesn't like you.


I know it hurts like CRAP for you right now.


The best thing for you is to go NC and let time heal your heart.


This is your first break up so I'm not going to say much.


All I can say is, "When you're going through hell, keep going."


You'll learn a lot once you get through this.

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^Agreed 100%.


Break ups are horrible, especially first break ups. I feel for you NC is your best bet. Whenever you're ready to go NC, you can find support here on either of these threads:


-"The No Contact Challenge"


-"Post Here Instead Of Contacting Your Ex"


It hurts now. But the pain is temporary. You WILL move past it.

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You sound like a young'in.


If you think you hurt bad now, wait till later on in life when you do find someone even more special that her, only to find they dump you.

Your hurting will carry on for a while, who knows how long but remember she definitely will not be the last girl to take an interest in you.


You just need to grieve some more, keep away form this girl and get on with your life by yourself without needing her about.


Hang in there, through the grief and carry on where you left off before you met her.


Lol she needs time to be single and needs space, she's a creative one!

This basically means I don;t rally have any good reason to dump you without making myself look like the bad person.

But then I do not know if there are any reasons why, possible arguments, personal character flaws which she did not like.

Lack of exciting new adventures and tricks to keep her entertained.

Can still be issues with you which made her leave, which you may have to work on when the next girl wants to be your gf.

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