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Is she completly done with me?


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Hello all,


I was together with this sweet girl for almost a year whereafter she broke up cause she felt she was got frustrated about us living too far away from eachother... We had NC in nearly 3-5 months where after we got in contact again but talked like best friends who hadn't seen eachother in a long time, she started flirting with eachother and (i thought) was about to get back together again. but sadly no. My best friends warned me about her and said she was waste of time since she didnt always contact me back for days (note shes 2 years older than myself) But now she have gone NC again and told her best friend which after we got together got to be my friend aswell to stop contacting me.. I talked with her and we became friends again... I have the feeling she doesnt care about me anymore and i dont have any feelings for her.. but when i talk with her i just get all the feelings for her back... so it hurts when she doesnt contact me for a long time cuz it makes me feel she doesnt care about me anymore but still... I dont know what to do

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