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She keep scolding me


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Now I have my feelings for her under control. This is how I do it. I give her a rate of 10/10 and every single time she does something that I hate I minus one point.


Another thing is that, she keep scolding and nagging at me. She nag at me saying that I never change and she said she knows me too well. Wth! Seriously I am getting to hate her... Every single time I see she will nag something on me. Well of course I remain calm and steady when she nag or scold. Is your ex girlfriend like that? Oh damn.. and she make a comment like "don't worry I will try not to disturb your life." LOL

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I am not sure about that.. she call me or msg me to talk about her work and so.. Then she send me photos of hers and she ask me out for some drinks. Coming holidays she is going to cook me

some dinner... At the same time I having fun with another girl. Maybe because she is jealous?

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