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I dont know how to feel about this recent contact. Some insight?


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There are a few threads about my ex who broke up with me back in May, so I don't need to go into specifics. Theres been a recent contact between the two of us, and her actions confuse me.


Now its been mostly LC this summer with both of us contacting one another back and forth. I was pretty adamant until about july with getting back with her, and she would contact me to hang out every now and then despite knowing i had feelings still. Theres even been times where I would voice my opinion to her about the way she's handling herself because of her crazy party life from drinking too much (was looking out for her), and she would get angry and tell me not to talk to her again. So I initiate NC and she begins to wonder why I'm not speaking. This kind of back and forth behavior continues most of the summer until i eventually initiate NC for a month, even with her trying to send me texts and whatnot. She even asked my best friend why I wasn't responding. She was obivously wondering where I went to.


So its getting close to school. A week exactly. Both of us attend the same college and I wanted us to have no awkwardness between us. So I sent her a friendly text.


"Hey you excited about going back to school?" - Me


"Oh, so now you talk to me." - Her


"What? You're mad at me for not talking to you?" - Me


"No, not at all. I understand." - Her


"I mean you told me to leave you alone like two or three times on very different occasions. I decided to take the hint." - Me


"Well karma came and bit me in the ass lol" - Her


"How so?" - Me


"I gotta go. It was nice talking to you again. Even if it was brief and through text. I'll see you around on campus." - Me


A day later


"Sorry if this is weird, but can I do a photo shoot of you sometime?" - Her


"Yeah sure. It's not weird at all." - Me


"How about tomorrow?" - Her


"No, I can't tomorrow. I'm heading out of town." - Me


"Oh...Well poop." - Her



After that quick exchange of texts I go home and log onto Facebook and see she's send me a friend request. I accept it, but I don't think much of it or any of the texts that I received from her. She sends a private message to me saying that she was sorry for deleting me on facebook again and she just needed more time before trying this "real friendship thing" out. My response to the PM? My response was me telling her that I can't be friends with her, and that I still have stronger feelings for her than that. I made sure to let her know that I'm not settling for less with her.



I learned not to get my hopes up just because she's talking to me. If she wanted to be with me again, she knows how to do it, so this isn't a thread about me getting excited of these contacts. I just need another opinion of what she may be thinking. Throughout the whole summer she seemed like she kept pushing to be friends with me and I would refuse, but this is the first time of her showing actual struggle with her emotions about being involved with me.



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Sounds like a headache. Let that be your final message, if you contact her again she might see it as HEY, I AM STUCK ON YOOOOOU, BUT LETS BE FRIENDS AND I WILL WAIT. Or, I WANT TO BE FRIENDS... A LIL. Leave that as your final goodbye so that she knows how you stand and thats it, everytime you contact her she will stay stuck on that message, let her be stuck on that last message where you explained how you feel. Dont send anymore how you feel text either, thats desperation and neediness.

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