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should i leave him or stay strong ?


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Hey im a senior in high school and, my boyfriend lefted for college today(freshman) he's only 4-5 hours away from home . I met this fine gentleman my 10th grade year and every since then i've been in love with him.He tells me everyday he loves me . I'm having a hard time believing he really loves me because he have a couple of ex's that i've seen while going through his phone trying to get back with him, but he told me he didnt want to be with them he wanted to be with me ,but later on that day on facebook he was talking to another girl and he told me they were just friends,but she told him she loved him && he responded back with "ily 2 " . He has recently told my sister and I that once he graduated college he wanted to marry me . How do I know he's just talking or he's forreal ? you guys we both are really in love with each other . He told me I have to trust in him, But by his ex's texting him and he's replying im just having a hard time trusting him . oh yeah and i cried a river this morning when he lefted for mississippi and he also have a history of calling all girls BAE(meaning BABY) so i'm having a very difficult time believing him . i love him so much but it seem like something is just wrong . Should i leave him or stay strong ? :sorrow:

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Well, first thing first... you can't let your own insecurities get in the way of your relationship. That will drive it to ruin. If you continually display to him that you don't trust him, he's going to get fed up with it and may end up resenting you for it.


Has your boyfriend ever done anything to make you question his trust? I see the couple things you mentioned in your post, but those could also be harmless. Some guys (girls too) are just flirts... Going through his texts is not a good thing. But, when you did, what were his replies like to his ex girlfriends?

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I'll be honest with you. MOST relationships don't work out when one person goes off to college and the other person is home. He's going to be surrounded by thousands of new girls, living on his own, and the temptation and parties and drinking will be great. Either you trust him, or you just let him go. I don't blame you for not trusting him with these texts. I sure wouldn't. hm. i don't know - i don't think things sound promising though, sorry.

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I know guys who have very flirty personalities, and your boyfriend may be one of those types. Personally, I wouldn't like it if my boyfriend went around calling other girls "baby"... I guess it all just comes to whether or not you can handle being with a flirty partner + if you can truly trust him.

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I'm going to be really blunt with you--don't take it personally.


We're talking about a college freshman dating a high school girl. From what you've written, it sounds like he's a popular sort of fellow to boot.


There is absolutely no way he will remain true to you for his first year of college. It's just not going to happen. Again, don't take it personally, it's just the reality of that age.


Try to focus on how much you have ahead of you for yourself, and don't stress it.

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