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Could this affect our realtionship?


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Hi everyone... haven't posted on here for a loooong time! Thats probably a good thing though.. shows that everything is going well in my relationship (despite insecurity at the beginning). I have the most wonderful boyfriend.. and things are going really great, hope it continues (touch wood). So I was in a profession that I absolutely despised. I was in a job for a year and used to hate going into work in the mornings. Before that I was in another two jobs also related to that profession that I also hated. I decided to bite the bullet last year so to speak and to pack it in. I enrolled on a course that I absolutely adore now. Due to the demands of the course, I am not able to work full time during it and consequently have very little money to do anything anymore. I have a bit of a break from study during August and not up to much.


I am wondering whether my lack of money and lack of working would turn my boyfriend off me? Does everybody not want to be with someone who is actually doing something during the day and can afford to do things like weekends away and going out for meals? Or does it not really matter if you truly love someone? Just a little worried. There are loads of girls out there who can afford to pay their way in life. I will be studying until mid next year and even then it might be difficult to get a job.



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