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Testamony Poem


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Written in Def Poetry Style...


Hey yo, I thought I forgave, I thought I was free

These things from my past just won't seem to leave

I cry out to God, I'm beggin him please

These things from my youth just won't seem to leave


Why didn't I just do it

Suicide my option, but I couldn't go through with it.

And I'm still cryin out

hoping one day I change

Hoping one day God rids me of this heart ache and pain

Molested twelve years....

Equals a life of fear and a whole lot of tears.

But I'm not crying now least not in defeat gave my life to Jesus

Now I bow at his feet


But it ain't finished yet

I strayed off the path the devil had set

He had a plan for me it ended six feet below

But it started in a good or a "Functional home"


Mom and dad were working while my brother raised us kids

No one ever thought to think of what the problem is...

I'm cryin when you leave, I'm cryin when you come home

Still no one seemed to listen in our so called "Perfect home"


Until police came to our door and opened up your eyes

Now for once we finally see behind the dark desguise

A life of lies to hide behind, A life of secret sins

A man a child in our home, when did this begin?


Did you know the pain you'd cause, brotha did you think?

Did you know how mom would cry how often dad would drink?

Did you know you'd leave that child lost hurt and confused?

And everything we've ever known in one day we'd lose


Did you know the drugs I'd use just to numb my pain?

And how many times I'd come so close to a bullet in my brain?

Did you know the choice you made would bring me to know Christ?

And what the Devil meant for wrong would give eternal life?

That's life it's just not perfect

Some times I wonder if it'll ever be worth it?

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Treasure out of darkness


My pain never leaves.

It's dormant in silence,

If I'm not careful will it turn to violence?


I'm ready to run, back to it all

but I know that it's empty, avoiding your call.

I've answered your call, but I still feel so blank

Is my boat still floating?

Or has it already sank?

I'm ready to dive off the spiritual plank

Back to your arms before it's too late

Overtaken by anguish

Succumbed by grief

we are all sinners, but I am the chief

I'm reaching for light, but hiding in fear

I'm a treasure out of Darkness wiping my tears.

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