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SO you think every older man has good intentions when looking at a young woman?


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I am upset at the fact that my last thread i posted on here has gotten Everyone except for one female..accepting the fact that older men are innocent and can ogle younger women or out in public. This isnt the first time its happened to me and yes many are going back to my previous threads just to stand firm on their answer. Its a mans world and many many women will bow down to them and some will even shut up.

When i was about 13 i was playing with my dog outside in my yard and a car drove slowly passed and hooted at me. I told my mum about that man and she said i must be careful.In the car was an elderly man..so i dont see the innocence in this or the friendliness? I was 13....at the time and that man mustve been 50!!I dont even know him for crying out loud and i didnt want to!! Im not saying its not ok to look at people but when you get to the point of making them feel uncomfortable with the stares is not on. My sister has been asked from a man who regularly loves to pest her when he sees her, he asked her is she has a bf?? Like what has that got to do with gym and in no way is that a friendly question and this man is always asking where i am? You will never find younger guys coming up and talking,they will look but nothing more. I feel these men have NO respect for younger women and they think we are easy or will want to be with them. The thought of it disgusts me. One time at gym, there was a younger girl on the stepper machine ( she mustve been about eighteen ) and behind her there was bench for the weights and this man was staring at this girl's butt..literally sitting there while shes working out on the stepper machine. I decided to ask him "excuse me are you using this weights machine or just sitting there" then he quickly scuffed and went away. The disrespect of some men especially the older ones is ridiculous...we women are not sex slaves and we are not put on display for your viewing pleasure. I know most of you hate what i say because its the truth. I do know some of my mums friends who come to gym,they are her age and are very respectful towards their wives and women in general..

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