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hypothetical question on facebook


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Ok, so there's this girl I've been interested in for a bit but haven't had a chance to talk to. The other day I told a friend of mine about her and pointed her out to him to see if he knew anything about her (i.e. if she's obviously single or not) but he didn't really know. Well first he said she was some dude's ex, and then said it wasn't the same girl, that he got confused or something, I still don't know a definite answer for that, but I guess it doesn't matter, at this point everybody is somebody's ex... Anyway, I'm not very facebook savy and have a dummy account I've seriously considered getting rid off cause I don't have time to fix it and put info and all that jazz. But the other day that friend of mine messaged me asking if it was her and attached a link to her facebook. And it was her... Turns out I've supposedly got a mutual friend with her (this other guy... knowing him he probably added her cause he thought she was hot too, haha. But I don't know if he's really that interested in her since he was talking to another girl and talking about that other girl for several days).


Anyway, I don't like to do the internet approaching thing... last time I did it was a long time ago and it didn't go well and I haven't tried it since. But say, hypothetically, that I were to add her. It shoudn't be a big deal, right? Or would it cause I'm a stranger? I guess I don't know. It's alright, there's other girls in the world, and I always get too petrified to talk to her and I have a feeling she's moving away or something (cause I used to see her around MUCH MUCH more often), so I probably will either never see her again, or just never talk to her (it wouldn't go well anyway. I've never talked to a girl that I have a crush on and ended dating her, lol. Maybe something about getting nervous, I don't know. I'd like to think that this could be the first time that it works, cause there's always a first time for everything, but not likely...).


So, again, question is (not even necessarily about this girl, but for future reference) if I added a girl I don't know on facebook (but have a mutual friend with her), is it a big deal? Will she go and tell all her friends? I mean, I guess it kinda depends on the person, but what is your opinion?


Thanks in advance.

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