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i have fallen for a close friend

I Have Feelings For Someone Else Wh...
I Have Feelings For Someone Else While In a Relationship

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hey people

basically my story is i have known this lass at my college for about a year and a half now, we are both the same age 17. i have become very close to her, and i also believe she feels close to me.... not so long ago she told me she trusts me more than any one else. i started to fall for her about 5-6 months ago...... and it got to the point 3 months ago... when i thought i would tell her, which i did and basically she told me she doesnt like me in that way (but it has to be said in a very kind fashion) afterwards she did show concern for hurting my feelings. at the moment i still feel the same way... and actually care about her more and so desperately want to be with her.

at times i feel so close to her.... and a number of people have comented, they think we should go out. someone i know made it clear she always talks to me face to face and always seems happy... and upbeat when around me, they believe she may just be scared... of getting hurt ect.

i find it hard to believe she may like me.

i still feel the same... and dont know if i can stop feeling this way!


if any one can help... i wud be ever so greatful?

after i told her we got on just as well if not better, is there a chance she feels the same.. but scared to admit it?

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Since you don't know her feelings, the only way to find out is too woo her. See her reaction. If you feel her resistance increasing gruadually, then it means she is not interested in you. After a period of courtship, if all along she is just shy to admit, she will slowly warm up to you. If you don't try you will never know.


Good Luck.

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