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Date Night...now what?


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To make this short...


I meet this girl online, recently she told me she was ready to meet and that she was ready for w/e the future held for us and that she wanted to be in a relationship.


Last night we meet, and we had a good time...we were close the entire night, kissing each other a lot. I asked her to be my g/f and she just looked at me and kissed me, then said she did not want to jump into a relationship this fast.


* * * ??? How does she change her mind from wanting to be with me and starting a future to now not wanting to jump in???


We talk all the time and we both have the same feelings, I'm just not sure why she is delaying what we both know will end up happening.

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One date and you are ready to be in a relationship?


I don't care what conversations and what you talk about on the phone, and what physical contact you JUMPED INTO.


How can you WANT this after one date? Something does not seem right about this at all...


Wanting to be in a relationship does not mean having one date officially, kissing, making out, and calling each other bf/gf....


This is screaming disparity...sounds a little weird from how you cut it to its shortest sense...

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Some people feel "locked in" once they officially say they are in an exclusive dating relationship. Just be patient with her. She may need to be with you, in person, for several more dates before being comfortable.


Also, sometimes people say they want something, but actually committing to it is scary. So cut her slack. You probably won't have to wait long.

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