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I made it way too easy for her to get over me

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Broke up with a gf of 3 years and my feelings still linger.


She seemed to have moved on so easily and I made it too easy for her.


I don't have a facebook profile nor do I use any chatting software. I made it way too easy to completely disappear from her life and she won't have any temptation to view what I'm up to or anything. Do you guys think I'm right?

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You might be right, but from my perspective, at least you eliminated the heartache that comes from playing games.


Just because she might have struggled more with leaving you, doesn't guarantee she would have stayed.


The ball's not in your court anymore, brotha. Good luck with everything though

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moveoneasy, I hope you don't keep sweating this. When its over, its over. I know sometimes its tempting to "rub it in their face" when it comes to having good things going for you in your life now, but at the end of the day, it simply doesn't matter anymore. Keep looking through the windshield, not the rearview mirror. Worry about the thoughts of your NEW girlfriend (when you're ready to have one), not how your ex is dealing with things.

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Yea, see the issue is that you are focusing on how your actions will affect her, and not how your actions will affect you.


Regardless of whether you had facebook or chatting software, if she wanted to get in touch with you she would find a way.


So, have you really made it easy for her to get over you, or for you to get over her?

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